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Evaluation daily dietery intake for


Preschool children ( 4-6 years) at Kindergarden of Malaz Socioecononmic factors 


N . A . AL- Baddr

College  of  Food Science and agriculture ,King Saud University , Riyadh , Saudi Arabia


Evaluation of 24 hour dietary recall of preshcool children (4-6 years old) at the kinder-garden of king Saud university at Malaz in Riyadh city was the aim of this research. The effect of some socio-economic factors on the nutritional  status of this age group was also studied for collection of data a questionaire prepared for this purpose was used. The study involved 120 child, the data was statistically analyzed using SAS program. The results revealed that only 23.3% of the children take all of their daily recommended dietary allowance. While 70% takes more and 6.7% takes less of their daily dietary allowance which indecates unbalanced food intake. There was a highly signification relationship between the family income and protein intake ( p<0.05 ). the present study recommends more nutritional education programs for mothers and more nutritional evaluation studies because of the importance of taking care of the nutritional status of this sensetive age group.


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