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السيرة الذاتية
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توصيف مقرر 241 وسل
توصيف مقرر 267 وسل
ابحاث وكتب
ابحاث وكتب
كتاب تكنولوجيا التعليم الماضي والحاضر والمستقبل
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عنوان الاتصال

Participated in a number of committees inside and abroad , including:

-         Member of TV programs development committee , 1983 .

- Chair of the committee continuing education in community service  center, 1984.

-         Member of Continuing University Fair  committee , 1987.

-         Member of committee of delivering and receiving buildings, 1984.

-         Member of the committee of production designing enlightenment and cultural programs.

-         Member of taking care of outstanding students and lecturers at the college of education  ,1987 .

-         Member of lecturers and scholarship students in the department ,1987.

-         Chair committee of the publication department.

-         Member of committee of total evaluation study procedures for the University Study Center for Girls 1988 .

-         Member of outstanding students committee in 1990.

-         Chair committee of the supervising committee for project of developing academic curriculum and programs at King Faisal Air College 1990 .  

-         Chair committee of Student Affairs Committee 1995.

-         Chair committee of the graduate studies committee in the department 1995.

-         Chair committee of department needs1996.

-         Member of committee of developing the academic programs 1997.

-         Member of committee of the editors of King Saud University Magazine (branch of educational sciences and Islamic Studies)2000 until 2007.   

Research Fields of Interest :

-         Distance learning – e-learning.

-         Making use of the modern technologies in the learning and teaching process (internet for learning purposes, computer for learning purposes).

-         Multimedia.

-         Learning television and interactive video.

-         Open university.

Scientific Production and Contributions:


1.     Co-translator of Inst. Tech.: Past, Present, & Future (KSU,2005).

2.     Co-translator of Media instruction , 60 years of research (Dar alelom  1986 ) .

3.     Communication and Human Behavior ( book ) translated with others publisher : Public Administrative Institute ,Riyadh ,KSA , 1991.

4.     Co-author: Distance Learning Between Theory & Practice (may 2005).

5.     Globalization & Education ( 2002 ).



1-    experimental study titled " the impact of instructional video-taped recorded  film on teaching Hajj instructions" published by Educational Research Center, College of Education, King Saud University ,1990.

2-    Research titled "  Instructional Technology : their conception and importance in the learning and teaching process" published in mission of education and psychology subject to Saudi Association for Educational & Psychological  Sciences " 2nd issue , 1992.

3-    Research titled " Utilization of Video in learning in the School at Riyadh", published in King Saud University Magazine(Educational Sciences and Islamic Studies) , 1992.

4-    Scientific research : constituents and obstacles – Alyamama magazine , issue 1202,1992.

5-    Training and communication theories  ,published in Mission of Arabian Gulf , issue 39, 1992.

6-    Availability and possibility  of utilizing instructional Technology  at the academic studies center for girls at King Saud University , as per the point of view of teaching staff members , Educational Research Center, 1995.

7-    Higher education under  learning and development technology, a research submitted on the occasion of marking  the 100th  anniversary of Saudi Arabia  , in the premier symposium held in the period  2000. at the university.

8-    Education Resources Center – the Foreign memory of the learner , Almarefa magazine , Ministry of Education, issue 61,  July 2000.

9-    Computer Based Instruction in Saudi Education of Commercially produced software survey paper presented at the21 national convention of the association for educational communications and technology , Long Beach, CA- Feb 16-20, 2000.

10-                       Reviewing the higher education under the education and development technology , Education Technology Magazine , volume 1999, Egyptian Education Technology Association.

11-                       Education under the modern information technology updates, Education Technology Magazine, volume 10, 2000, Egyptian Education Technology Association.

12-                       The impact of distance learning on the female students achievements , King Saud University Magazine , volume 15, Educational Sciences and Islamic Studies ,2003.

13-                       Opinions of a sample of students from the college of education/King Saud University about the satellite broadcasting and its impact on the education. Saudi Magazine of Higher Education , volume 1,issue 1, March 2003. 


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