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عنوان الاتصال


Family name

Al Debassi

Full name

Saleh Mubarak Mohammed Al Debassi

College : Education

Dept.: Educational Technology and Media

Academic rank

Professor of Educational Technology and Communication & Media

Current job

Professor at Educational Technology and Media Dept.

Place of birth






-         Bachelor degree in Science and Education 1974, King Saud University , College of Education.

-          Scholarship to USA to pursue my graduate studies in the field of Educational Technology in  1977.

-         Master's degree from Indiana University , Bloomington City, Indian State , USA , in the field of Instructional System  Technology , 1980.

-         Doctorate of philosophy degree in Educational communication &Technology from Pittsburg University , Pittsburg city, Pennsylvania state, USA , 20-4-1983.

-         Dissertation titled " The impact of training programs, availability of educational 'Media and School  Facilities on teachers ' use of educational media in Saudi intermediate and high schools".  

Work Background and Experience :

-         Teacher of Science subject for the intermediate schoole in Riyadh,  1974/1976

-         Lecturer in college of education , educational technology and Media 1976.

-         Assistant professor in college of education , educational technology and Media  1983 .

-         Associate professor in college of education , educational technology and Media 1992 .

-         Professor in college of education , educational technology and Media 2005 .

-         Representative of college of education and member of board of directors of community center in King Saud University , 1984 .

-         Head dept. of art education/ college of education – King Saud University , 1986 until 1992

-         Member of college council.

-         Member of board of directors of research center.

-         Member of board of directors of academic study center for girls.

-         Director of educational research center , 1989 until end of 1992

-         Sabbatical leave,  USA 1992 .

-         Head Dept . of  Educational Technology and Media  from 1999 until  2007.

-         Member of AECT.

-         Coordinator and member of the International Council of AECT of North Africa and ME region 2000.

-         Full time for Sabbatical leave 2008.

-         Ministry of Higher Education candidate for teamwork specialized in  distance learning requirements.

-         University representative to the committee officers of distance learning on the level of GCC.

-         Head of the Delegation representative of the Secretariat of Distance Learning Committee for universities and higher education institutions of the Arab Gulf states , to visit USA and Canada to brief on the international experiences in the field of distance learning /e-learning in the international universities.

-         Advisor of His Excellency president of Girls Education.


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