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عنوان الاتصال

Name: saleh Mubarak Al Debassi

Academic Rank: Professor

Major: Instructional Technology & communication

Tel. Office(4674567/4674540) , Fax ( 4674539)

Current Job : professor at Department of Instructional

Media and Technology .


Qualifications :

Doctor of Philosophy(Instructional Technology & communication ) from University of Pittsburgh , April 6,1983 .


Professional Activities:

Member in the following associations:

- The Saudi Association for Educational & Psychological

Sciences (SAEP), Riyadh.

- Association for Educational Communications & Technology


- Egyptian Association for Instructional Technology.

Member in the meetings of the Distance Education Committee

For the GCC universities 2007-2003.


Academic Activities:

Reviewing many research papers submitted for publication in

professional journals, 1990 to date.

Teaching graduate courses at Instructional Master Program,

College of Education, KSU.1983- to date.

Supervising & Advising Masters & Doctoral thesis students at

KSU & Girls Colleges, 1990 to date.

Professional Conferences:

¨  The second International Conference, Arabian Educational Technology

Association, Egypt, Sep.2006

¨  SAEP Association Annual Meetings, Riyadh,1993-2007.

¨  First International Media Literacy Conference, Riyadh, March,


¨  The International Conference on Distance Learning, Muscat, 2006.

¨  E-learning and quality Education and training : output quality Assurance April 2008  .

AECT Association Annual Conferences ,USA

¨  (2006,2005,2004,2001,2000,1999….)

Published Papers & Books:



¨  Co-translator of Inst. Tech.: Past, Present, & Future (KSU,2005).

¨  Co-translator of Media instruction , 60 years of research (Dar alelom 1986 ) .

¨  Communication and Human Behavior ( book ) translated with others publisher : Public Administrative Institute ,Riyadh ,KSA , 1991.

¨  Co-author: Distance Learning Between Theory & Practice (may 2005).

¨  Globalization & Education ( 2002 ).



Papers :

¨  Computer Based Instruction in Saudi Education: A Survey of

Commercially Produced Software. AECT Convention, Long

Beach 2000.

Lectures, Articles, & Community Services:

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