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أسئلة شائعة



Some of the Conferences/Meetings/Courses attended  

            January 1990             The 6th Saudi International Dental Conference. 

            January 1992             The 7th Saudi Dental Meeting 

            January 1994             The 8th Saudi International Dental Conference  

            January 1996             The 9th Saudi International Dental Conference 

            March 1998                           The 10th Saudi International Dental Conference 

September 1998                   British Orthodontic Conference , attendance. Torquy, United  Kingdom

November 1998                    The first Saudi orthodontic club Meeting, Attendance. Jeddah, KSA. 

October  1999                       The Annual Scientific and Membership Meeting of the SDS, Riyadh KSA.            

February  2000                      The 11th Saudi international Dental Conference  

            April 2001                              Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Conference

(27 Credit hrs) 

            June 2001                              Continuous Education Orthodontic Course

                                                            Straight wire Orthodontic Technique       

            February 2002                       The Saudi Dental Society  (10 Credit hrs). 

            April 2002                              The 7th Saudi Dental Congress (Ministry of Health)

                                                            (30 Credit hrs). 

            January 2003                         The Saudi Dental Society (18 Credit hrs). 

January 2003                         Interceptive Orthodontics (Continuous Education

Course, 2 Credit hrs).  

            December 2003                    The 6th Annual Meeting of the Arab Orthodontic

                                                      Society and Saudi Orthodontic Club (13 Credit hrs). 

            December 2003                    Diagnosis and treatment planning (Educational

 Course 2 Credit hrs). 

            December 2003                    Vertical Dimension:  Therapeutic concept and

                                                            Clinical Implications. ( Educational Course3 Credit hrs).


            December 2004                    Lingual Orthodontics (Educational Course 6 credit hrs)

             December 2004                    The 7th Annual Saudi Orthodontic meeting

(9 credit hrs).


December 2004                    Step by Step Jaw Surgery (Educational Course 4

                                                credit hrs). 

            January  2004                        The Saudi Dental Society (30 Credit hrs).  

            April 2005                              “ Technology & Treatment Planning in Orthodontics  &

                                             Orthognathics Surgery.” ( 2 credit hrs). 

            January 2006             The 17th Saudi Intentional Dental congress (21 credit hrs)

June 2006                              The 11th International Symposium OnDentofacial    Development and Function (23 credit hrs) 

            November 2006                    1st  Riyadh International Dental and Healthcare

                                                            Meeting ( RIDHM) 

                                                            1st Arab International Dental Education Meeting


                                                            1st GCC Oral Health Status 8 prevention Strategies

 Meeting (GCCDM) (22 credit hrs). 

            November 2006                    The 1st Annual Saudi Orthodontic Society Meeting

( 9 credit hrs) 

            January 2007             The 18th Saudi International Dental congress

(24 credit hrs) 

January 2007             CE course “Excellence in Orthodontics”

(13 credit hrs)


April 2007                              1st National Guard Dental Symposium and Workshops for Dentist, Hygienst, Dental Assistants and Technicians

(22 credit hrs)


April 2007                              Miniscrews in Orthodontics (ATOZ) Workshop

(7 credit hrs)


April 2007                              Periodontal Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (PAOO) Workshop (7 credit hrs)


Paper & Lecture Presented

 British Orthodontic Conference, present a Poster “Dimensional Changes In Clinically Depended Tip-edge and Straight-wire Bracket”. Harrogate, United Kingdom September 1997



Some Current Research Projects


-                     A comparative study on the effect of postoperative Ibuprofen and Paracetamol therapy on orthodontic pain and tooth movement in Saudi patients. Funded by College of Dentistry Research Center (CDRC), King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.*


-                     Sucking habits: prevalence, contributing factors and their relation to malocclusion in Saudi children. Funded by College of Dentistry Research Center (CDRC), King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


* Principal Investigator


Professional Affiliations


-                     Saudi Dental Society.


-                     Saudi orthodontic Society.


-                     Arab orthodontic Society.


-                     International American orthodontic Society




      -   Member in Committee to study the rights and duties for the faculty. (May 2008)

     -   Member in Female Registration Committee in 11th Saudi International Dental meeting (March 2000)

     -   Member in Female Registration Committee in 10th Saudi International Dental Meeting, (March, 1998)

     -   Member in Female Registration Committee in 8th Saudi International Dental Meeting, (January 1994)

     -   Member in Female Registration Committee in the 7th Saudi Dental meeting (January 1992)







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