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Common characteristics between Taiwanese and Saudis

Prof. Abdullah Alaskar

King Saud University

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia



§  Taiwan could be considered an atmospheric center of Taoism where this mixed beliefs was developed from a Chinese mystic philosophy and Buddhist religion. While Saudi Arabia is the birth place of Islam

§  Both countries has feeling of richness` complex, both countries could in a short time built a high level of high income, Taiwan could achieved a prosperity and industrial material progress, while Saudi Arabia has achieved a prosperity and low progress in industrial materials

§  Both countries have preserved a close society especially in family values and societal relationship, despite the level of modernity and globalization they have endured.

§  We look to people of Taiwan as sea Bedouins, while Saudi people are seen as desert Bedouins.

§  Both countries are not happy with local sufficient revenue. They always work to acquire more income sources; Saudi Arabia is suffering from depending on one consuming and politicized national income.

§  The God fathers of the two states are similar, general Chiang Kai-Sheik the founder of modern Taiwan and leader of nationalist China and Taiwan is almost started his mission and ambition depending on one national belief. King Abdulaziz the founder of the modern Saudi Arabia depended on one religion and historical heritage of his family to build his state. Both are not far in time

§  Both leaders led an authoritarian governments

§  Saudis are always close friends to Taiwanese. For this Saudi Arabia always stand beside Taipei, Saudi Arabia never vote in the favor of removal of Taipei's chair from the UN, and Saudi Arabia was the last country in the world to acknowledge the UN resolution of this regard.

§  Saudis always look upon Taiwanese as trustful partners, although we have business with HK, Singapore, and Japan to name a few, but we keep consult our agents in Taiwan. Our agents in Taiwan share their experiences with Saudis about Asian trade mentality.

§  Both countries always  consider one another a special partners

§  Saudis and Taiwanese celebrate poems and love to recites them, my self I enjoy the poems of :Tzu-Ying Chang in the poem ( Lost) and Yi Chung in the poem (self delusion)

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