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                                                                                           CURRICULUM  VITAE


Name               :  Hmoud Fares Ali Al-kahem AL-Balawi

Nationality        : Saudi

Current Academic Position       : Professor


Place of Work                         : Department of Zoology

                                                        College of Science

                                                         King Saud University

                                                P. O. Box 2455

                                                 Riyadh 11451

                                                 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Educational Qualifications. 

B. Sc.        King Saud University, KSA.            1975          Zoology

M. Sc.       Colorado State University, USA.     1980           Fish Biology

Ph. D.       Colorado State University, USA.     1983          Fish Biology

                                                                                     And Ecology

 Administrative Position:

Vice dean (Administration and Finance) College of Science, King Saud University From September 2008 to till date.

Chairman of Zoology department from 2006 to 2009.

Chairman of Biodiversity (M.S.) program from 2006 to 2009.

Professor of Zoology department since 1983.


Zoo 101

Zoo 301

Zoo 322

Zoo 499

Zoo 521

Zoo 572

Zoo 573

Zoo 574

Zoo 600

Zoo 621

Zoo 700

Bio 600


Teaching Experience

Assistant            October, 1983 to           Teaching  Fish Biology, Systematic,

Professor           July, 1989               Conservation and Aquatic Ecology

                                                        to undergraduate students.

Associtae              July, 1989 to             Teaching Fish Biology, Systematic,

Professor               October, 1999        Conservation and Aquatic Ecology

                                                             to Undergraduate and graduate


Professor            October,1999                Teaching above mentioned courses

                           Todate                                   to undergraduate and graduate




Current Research Interest                     :  Biological studies on some

                                                                species of grouper

                                                            : Biological studies on cichlid 

                                                               species of Wadi Haneefah,

                                                               Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

                                                             : Conservational and Ecological

                                                               studies on Arabian freshwater



Membership of Scientific Associations

Saudi Biological Society.

American Fisheries Society.

Desert  Fishes Council.

Ichthyological Society of Japan.

Asian Fisheries Society

Environment and Development Journal.


Participation in Conferences and Symposia 

 I have participated in 29 Symposia , conferences, academic presentations and writing in News papers about Environmental issues.

I have served as a member of 38 different committees in the department of zoology and college of science.


List of Publications 

A.  Papers published in various refereed national and

international journals


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Shahid, M. Ghazala, Sultana, S. Al-Akel, A.S., Al-Kahem Al-Balawi, H.F., Al-Misned,F. and Ahmad, Z. 2011.  Pesticide residues in flesh of Cirrhinus mrigala collected from a commercial farm and river Chenab at Trimu head, Jhan.pakiatan jour.zoology. 

. 43 (1): 97-101.

B.   Book        

  1-       Field guide of animal ecology  (in Arabic with other collegue , Dr. Awadh Al-Johny)

   2-       Ichthyology (in Arabic) 













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