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RHS 243

King Saud University

College of Applied Medical Sciences

Rehabilitation Sciences. Dept

Course Syllabus

Course Title :    Human Physiology

Course number :RHS 243


                       Course Outline


Week: 1


*Introduction to Physiology.

*General Prescription of the cardiovascular System


Week: 2

*Cardiac Muscle and its Properties

*Cardiac cycle and Heart Sound.


Practical: Application of different hear sounds by Auscultation


Week: 3


*Cardiac Output and venous return

*Introduction to normal ECG


Practical: Drawing and identifying Different waves of normal ECG and sites of ECG electrodes


Week: 4


*Continue ECG abnormalities

*Using ECG in monitoring

Practical:Drawing the different abnormalities of ECG and related it to Physical therapy and Precaution during exercise


Week: 5


*Blood pressure and Pulse rate


Practical:Applying different methods of measuring pulse rate and blood pressure


*Regional blood flow.


Practical: Drawing pictures illustrating the distribution of blood flow to different body organs


Week: 6


*1st Mid term Exam.


Week: 7


*Mechanism of respiration

*Ventilatory function test


Practical: Demonstrating how could we use Spiro meter to measure ventilatory functions.


Week: 8


*Regulation of respiration, neural and chemical


*Gas exchange and transport.


Week: 9


*Cardiopulmonary exercise test


Practical: Different protocols of exercise test


Week: 10


*Second Midterm exam.


Week: 11


*Insulin and blood glucose level.


Practical:Different methods of measuring blood glucose level.

Week; 12,13

*Function of the blood.


*Different types and functions of WBCs


Week: 14


*Different types and functions of RBCs



                    Evaluation System


Total marks                                            100 marks


Two midterm exams                             40 marks

Activities throughout the term             20 marks

+ Attendance


Final exam at the end of the term         40 marks


Teaching Method:




Text books


Required physiology, by J.G.Mcgeown,Churchill-Livingstone,1996.


Additional reading materials will be given to cover materials required






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