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King Saud University                                               Department of English

College of Arts                                                           B. A. Program


Course File

Department: English Language and Literature                             College of Arts         

1.      Course Title:      Applied Linguistics

2.      Course Number: Eng 324 

3.      Course Level: 5

4.      Prerequisite:

5.      Course Status: Compulsory                                                   

6.  Name of Instructor:

7.  Credit Hours: 3

8.  Hours of Instruction per Week:

9.  Course Description:

The course aims at introducing students to some basic issues in applied linguistics and their application to second language learning and teaching.  Topics to be discussed are mentioned in “Course Subjectsbelow.

10.  Course Aims and Objectives:

11. Course Main Subjects: A definition of the term and its relation to other disciplines - brief discussion of language acquisition theories - contrastive analysis, error analysis, and learning strategies - factors affecting foreign language learning and teaching: age factors, (i.e. adults vs. children), personality factors, socio-cultural factors in ESL learning


12.  Method of Assessment: Written quizzes and exam: 2 In-term tests (20X2= 40 marks); Final exam: 60 marks


13.  Textbook(s):

         Bell, R. T. An Introduction to Applied Linguistics: Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching. London: Batsford, 1981. [pp. 13-56; 92-132; 171-216]

         Lightbown, P. M., and N. Spada. How Languages are Learned. Oxford: Oxford UP, 1993. [pp. 69-110]


14.  Further References:

         Littlewood, William T. Foreign and Second Language Learning: Language Acquisition Research and Its Implications for the Classroom. Cambridge: CUP


15.  Electronic References and Websites:

16.  Syllabus:




Week 1

Introduction: applied linguistics: definition, domain (educational linguistics, lexicography, speech pathology, etc.), and relevant disciplines (linguistics, sociology, psychology, anthropology, etc.)

Week 2

Factors affecting ESL learning and teaching: age, personality, and socio-cultural factors

Week 3

Theories of ESL learning: behaviourism, cognitive theory, and interactionism

Week 4

Formalism versus functionalism

Week 5

Language syllabus design                                 test #1

Week 6

Syllabus types: grammatical, situational, national, and communicative

Week 7

Language teaching methods: the grammar-translation method, the audiolingual method, communicative approaches, etc.

Week 8

Learning objectives and needs analysis

Week 9

Learning strategies

Week 10

Teaching strategies

Week 11

Contrastive analysis

Week 12

Error analysis                                                     test #2

Week 13


Week 14

Language testing

Week 15


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