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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة


King Saud University                                               Department of English

College of Arts                                                              B. A. Program


Course File

Department: English Language and Literature                             College of Arts        

1.      Course Title:      Translation (1) 

2.      Course Number: Eng 212

3.      Course Level: 3

4.      Prerequisite: None

5.      Course Status: Compulsory                                                   

6.  Course Instructor:

7.  Credit Hours: 2

8.  Hours of Instruction per Week:

9.  Course Description:

This course introduces the student to the history, theory and technical aspects of translation, which will strengthen the student’s ability to handle the passages selected for practice. The course continues the introduction, through translation, of contrasts between English and Arabic sentence patterns and usage.  The 212 students should be acquainted with a wide range of vocabulary and terms.  However, they need not be introduced to the more complex literary passages. This course is of a purely practical nature.


10.  Course Aims and Objectives:

This course aims at developing the student’s skills for translation both from Arabic into English and from English into Arabic.  Students are required to have passed the first level of proficiency in dealing with different sentence patterns.  It is advisable that they should have taken English 118. By the end of the course, students must be able to:


11.  Course Main Subjects:

Passages chosen for translation should be fairly straightforward, representing different types of writing (journalistic, literary, historical, etc.) and covering a wide range of topics.  These may be chosen from newspapers, magazines, and scientific and literary texts.


12.  Methods of Assessment: Written quizzes and exams

13.  Textbook(s):

Select texts for translation will be provided by instructor

      I. Dictionaries:

1.    Hans Wehr. Modern Written Arabic. Beirut

2.    Munir Al-Ba’albaki. Al-Mawrid: A Modern English-Arabic Dictionary. Dar El-ilm Lil-malayenBeirut

3.    Oxford Dictionary  (for translation from English into Arabic)

II. Texts:

H. A. Cartledge. Translation from English for Intermediate Students. London: Longman, 1960

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