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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة



 (2 + 1)


Prerequisite:  PHC 262

Course Description

The course concerns with the study of the principles and theoretical bases of electrochemical analysis, spectrophotometric analysis as well as separation methods with regard to instrumentation, and application are also included.

Theoretical                                                                                                                                   Lectures

I.              Ultraviolet and visible spectrophotometry

‑Beer's Law, Lambert's Law, definitions,                                                                          2

 derivation, and presentation of spectra.

‑Effect and detection of impurities.                                                                                   1

‑Correction of a constant and linear interferences.                                                        1

 Morton & Stubb's method.              

‑The compensation method & the ΔA method.                                                              1

‑Job's method for complexation & photometric titrations.                                            1

‑Acid‑dye technique and dissociation constant determination.                                  1

‑Derivative curves of absorption spectra.                                                                       1

 II.           Optical rotatory dispersion & circular dichroism                                                            2

(ORD & CD).

III.           High performance liquid chromatography

‑Instrumentation (choice of detector for different                                                          1

            groups of drugs).

‑Choice of optimum systems for selected groups                                                          2

 of drugs in various dosage forms.

‑Detection of degradation products and excipients                                                       2

‑Separation and quantification of mixtures in various                                                   2

                                   dosage forms.

‑Stability‑indicating methods of assay.                                                                            1

VI.           Electrochemical analysis

Potentiometric analysis                                                                                                      4

‑Sign conventions for electrode processes, application

  of e.m.f.  measurements for determination of

 Keq, Ksp, Ka and Kb.

‑Non‑aqueous potentiometric titrations, different

 solvents and electrodes used.

  Polarography                                                                                                                      2

‑Principles of polarography:  features

 of polarograph‑instrumentation‑DME and

 its limitations.

‑Polarographic maxima ‑ maxima suppressors ‑

  deaeration ‑ diffusion current and Ilkovic equation.

‑Evaluation methods:  calibration curve,

 standard addition and internal standard methods.

‑Amperometric and biamperometric titrations.                                                                2

Exams.                                                                                                                                   2           

                                                                 Total     28


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