Curriculum vita
( C. V )

Name : Fahad Ibrahim Al-Habeeb
Family status : Married
Date of Birth :Dec 8,1961
Citizen of : Saudi Arabia
Personal Address : King Saud University, College of Education, Department of Educational Administration, P.O.Box 2458,Ryidh 11451, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Telephone : Business : 4674662 - 4674464
Mobil : 00966509469396
E-Mail :fabeeb@yahoo.com
Awarded Degrees :
1-Ph. D. sep.,1988 . University of Oregon\Eugene, Oregon U.S.A. Educational Policy and Management . Contents\Policy, Planning Organization, School Management, Educational Foundation and Technical Education and Human Resources Management.
2-M.S.June,1986 University of Oregon\Eugene, Oregon U.S.A. Educational Policy and Management . Contents\Education in Saudi Arabia,
Educational policy and Educational Administration.
3-B.S. 1983,Psychology,Imam Mohammed Bin Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

1-current trends in citizinship education, albaha ,Saudi Arabia, 26-28\1\1426-2006.
2-future of higher education in Saudi Arabia : suggested strategy ,Sharm Elshikh , Egypt, 17-21\4\2005.
3-Ph.D Dissertation :"Analysis of the Strengths ad weaknesses of policy planning and Organization of Vocational and Technical Education in Saudi Arabia, "University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon, U.S.A. Educational policy and Management, 1988.
4-M.S.Thesis :"Educational Development in Saudi Arabia and its Internal and External influences, "University of Oregon Educational Policy and Managment,1985 ,Eugene,
Oregon, U.S.A.
5- "The Professinal Competencies needed for School, Principals as perceived by Supervisors, Teachers and Principals Themselves". College of Education Journal, Ain Shams University-Cairo-1995.
5-"The Professional Competencies needed Supervisors as perceived by Teachers, School Principals and Supervisors Themselves. Social Issues Journal, Sharija,Emirates,1995.
6-"Role of School Administration in School Planning in Public Secondary School in Riyadh : A Filed Study",Imam Mohammed Bin Saud University Journal,Riyadh,1999.
7-Political Foundations for Educational Policy in Saudi Arabia, Educational Studies Journal, Cairo,1995.
8-"The Professional Competencies needed for Teachers as perceived by Supervisors, School Principals and teachers themselves", College of Education Journal, AlAzhar University,Cairo,1995.
9-research priorities of education in the field of educational administration :a suggested strategy "educational journale", kuwait 1996.
10-the present and future of school planning in public secondary schools in Riyadh"educational research center", college of education, king Saud university,Riyadh1996.
11-toward strategy for vocational and technical education development in Saudi Arabia "educational and psychologicaljournal "Saudi educational and psychological association ,king Saud university ,Riyadh1996.
12-role of schoolprinciple toward teacher development "king Saud university journal" ,Riyadh1996 .
13-the present of teacher participation in decision making "college of education journal" ,ain shams university, Cairo 1992.
14-strategy of technology management "social issue journal" ,sharja , emirates 1992.
15-fields and activites of school work as perceived by primary male and female school principles in abha educational district "educational studies journal" , Cairo 1992.
16-tasks and responsiblitiesof educational principles , educational studies journal , Cairo 1992.
17-the development of scientific thinking skills for primary students in Saudi Arabia ,the third annual book,Saudi educational and psychological association , king Saud university 1991.
18-the relation between educational development and technology development ,paper presented at technology managment conference Arabian Gulf university,Bahrain1990.

1-higher education in Saudi Arabia ,king Saud university press,Riyadh1999.
2-educational supervision in the Arab gulf states, Arab bureau of education for the gulf states , Riyadh 1996.
3- strategic planning in education, Arab house for publication and distribution ,Cairo1995.

meetings and conferences
1-citizinship and education conference ,Albaha ,Saudi Arabia 26-28\1\1426 - 2006.
2-future of education conference , Sharm Elshikh , Egypt , 17-21\4\2005.
3-higher education management conference , association of comparative education and educational administration ,Cairo 1998
4-higher education conference in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia :future vision , Ministry of higher education ,Riyadh 1998.
5-graduate program development conference, Cairo university 1997.
6-the future of education in the Arab nations conference ,Helwan university ,Cairo1996.
7-the future of technical education ,Ain Shams university ,Cairo 1995.
8-toward a future strategy for male and female teachers in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia conference ,king Saud university , Riyadh 1992.
9-the future planning of education in perspective of population growth and developmental need conference ,Arab bureau of education for the gulf states, Riyadh1990.
10-the role of primary education in developing the basic skills ,the third meeting of Saudi educational and psychological association , king Saud university , Riyadh 1991.
11-technology management conference ,Arabian gulf university ,Bahrain 1990.
12-school administration meeting ,king Saud university ,campus ,Saudi Arabia 1990.
13-higher education in the Arab nation ; future horizons , modern education sociation, Cairo 1990.
14-educational development in schools, Eugene Oregon 1988.
15-excutive leadership , Eugene ,Oregon 1987.
16-sociology of management ,Eugen ,Oregon 1986

previous experience
1-consultant ,ministry of education , Saudi Arabia , 2005-2006
2-chairman of educational administration department ,college of education ,king Saud university from 1998 until 2000.
3-professor , college of education , king Saud university 1997.
4-associate professor ,college of education , king Saud university 1993-1997.
5-assistant professor ,college of education ,king Saud university 1991-1993.
6-educational expert, Arab bureau of education for the gulf states 1990-1991.
7-assistant professor ,Arabian gulf university ,Bahrain 1988-1990.
8-graduate assistant ,Arabian gulf university 1983-1984.

professional experience
supervising graduate student theses.
serving on several master's and doctorate thesis committies
teaching at the level of bachelorette degree , master and doctorate degrees.

professional activities

1-member of the councile of :college of education, king Saud university .
2-member of the councile of :department of educational administration ,king Saud university.
3- member of the councile of : deparment of education, king Saud university .
4-member of the councile of : college of education Arabian gulf university .
5-member of the councile of :special education department , Arabian gulf university .

committe member\president of the following
1-the second meeting for educational administration , king Saud university .
2-preparing for special diploma program for educational administration ,king Saud university .
3-graduate programe for education, king Saud university .
4-social and cultural committe department of education ,king Saud university .
5-educational need ;department of education ,king Saud university .
6-organizational committe for future strategy toward male and female preparation in the kingdom of sudi Arabia conference.
7-master program evaluation ,college of education ,king Saud university .
8-supervisors educational training programe evaluation ,college of education ,king Saud university.
9-graduate program , department of educational administration.
10-preparation committee for educational future planning conference .Arab bureau of education for gulf states.
11-libary establishment committee, college of education ,Arabian gulf university .

awards and honors
1-schoolarship for master and doctorate .Arabian gulf university 1984.
2-honorary degree, second rank, imam mohammed bin Saud university in psychology 1983.

membership or affiliation with professional societies
1-Saudi educational and psychological association, Riyadh ,Saudi Arabia.
2-comparative and educational administration education , Cairo , Egypt.
3-american vocational and technical education (previously).