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ISI Indexed International Journal Publications:

1.    Ateekh-Ur-Rehman (2013), ‘Manufacturing Configuration Selection using Multi-Criteria Decision Tool’, Int J Adv Manuf Technol (2013) Vol 65, issue 5-8 pp:625 – 639 DOI 10.1007/s00170-012-4201-5

2.    Ateekh-Ur-Rehman and A Suabsh Babu (2013), ‘Reconfigurations of Manufacturing Systems– An Empirical Study on Concepts, Research and Applications’, International Journal of Advance Manufacturing Technology Volume 66, Issue1-4 pp:107-124. DOI 10.1007/s00170-012-4310-1

3.    Ateekh-Ur-Rehman, A.M.A. Al-Ahmari, A. Gunasekaran (2011) 'Evaluation of advance manufacturing technologies using concord and discord indices', International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing (IJCIM), 24: 4, 328 — 337 DOI:10.1080/0951192X.2011.554873


Non-ISI Indexed International Journal Published:

4.    Ateekh-Ur-Rehman and Al-Ahamri, A. (2013) ‘Evaluation of alternative industrial robots using AHP and ELECTRE: a comparative study’, Int. J. Industrial and Systems Engineering, Vol. 14, No. 1, pp.58–73.

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10.          Rehman A. U and  Al-Ahmari, A. (2012) ‘Assessment of alternative industrial robots using AHP and TOPSIS’, Int. J. Industrial and Systems Engineering, Accepted for publication in year 2012 and now paper is in Press

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International Conference Publications:

14.          Ateekh-Ur-Rehman, Yusuf Siraj Usmani and A.M.A Al-Ahmari (2011) “A Study to Assess Operational Factors to Enhance Project Performance”, Proceedings of the 2011 International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, January 22 – 24, 2011, pp 120-124. ISBN: 978-0-9808251-0-7 http://www.iieom.org/ieom2011/pdfs/IEOM017.pdf  http://www.iieom.org/ieom2011/index.html (Attended and Presented)

15.          Ateekh-Ur-Rehman, Khalid Al-Marwan, Khalid Al-Otaibi, Mohammad Al-Mubarak, (2010), “Modeling of Juice Production Line using Simulation”, IEEE 2010 The 17th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (IE&EM 2010), October 29-31,2010, Xiamen, China, PP 1555-1559. (ISI Conference) ISSN: 978-1-4244-6482-1/10/$26.00 ©2010 IEEE (Attended and Presented)

16.          Ateekh-Ur-Rehman and A Subash Babu, (2006) “A comparative analysis of alternative reconfigured manufacturing systems” Proceedings of the International Conference on Global Manufacturing and Innovation - July 27- 29, 2006, CIT, Coimbatore, India (Attended and Presented)

17.          Ateekh-Ur-Rehman and A Subash Babu, (2006) “A methodology to evaluate reconfigured manufacturing systems” First International & 22nd All India Manufacturing Technology Design & Research Conference (22nd AIMTDR), pp 347- 352,  21st -23rd December 2006, IIT Roorkee, India (Attended and Presented)

International Journal Guest Editor for:

18. Editor for Special Issue in:

International Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering 2013 Vol. 14 No. 1  Special Issue on Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis in Manufacturing Systems. Guest Editors:  Professor Ateekh-Ur-Rehman,   Professor Abdulrahman Al-Ahamri And Professor A. Subash Babu http://www.inderscience.com/info/inarticletoc.php?jcode=ijise&year=2013&vol=14&issue=1#issue


Service at KSU

·         Original appointment, Assistant Professor, October 2009-December 2012

·         Now Associate Professor From December 2012- till date

 Total Experience 20 Years Plus

 Courses teaching or taught at KSU


·         IE 624: Advanced topics in Industrial Operations Management (PhD Course)

·         IE 214: Operations Management-I

·         IE 314: Operations Management-II

·         IE 313: Manufacturing Economics.

·         IE 312: Production Planning and Control

·         IE 331: Statistical Quality Control

·         IE 428: Scheduling of Industrial Operations

·         IE 472: Operations of Manufacturing Systems

·          IE 498/499 : Senior Project


Other assigned duties performed during the academic year


·         Member of various committees in Industrial Engineering Department- King Saud University.

·         Instrumental to invite three international faculties to Department of Industrial Engineering and Chair FARCAMT, King Saud University Riyadh.

        Research Interest


·         Reconfigurable manufacturing systems

·         Agile manufacturing systems

·         CAD/CAM/CIM

·         Multi criteria decision supports for manufacturing/production, project, supply-chain and service systems.

·         Quality Management


Teaching Interest


·        Operations Management

·        Manufacturing Economics.

·        Production Planning and Control

·        Statistical Quality Control

·        Quality Management

·        Scheduling of Industrial Operations

·        Operations of Manufacturing Systems

·        Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis



Associate Professor,

Department of Industrial Engineering,

College of Engineering, King Saud University, PO Box 800, Riyadh 11421

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

E-mail: arehman@ksu.edu.sa