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Welcome My Dear Students I am Very Delighted to have you Here            


Dr Nahed Nasser El-Sayed  -  BSc, MSc, PhD

Assistant professor of organic chemistry

Chemistry Department

Faculty of Science for Girls

King Saud University, P.O. Box 22452, Riyadh 11495,  KSU


Office: B. 17-2nd-floor- Room No. 1722

Telephone: +96614785447- ext. 1651

Fax: +96614772245.



PhD Cardiff University (2006, Mark Elliott, cyclisation / desymmetrisation reactions of cyclohexa-1,4-dienes). Researcher and head of reference standard unit NODCAR , Egypt (2007-2008).  Lecturer, MSA University, Egypt (2008).  Appointed as assistant professor of synthetic organic chemistry, KSU, in 2009.


Research Interests

·       Asymmetric synthesis; I have been involved in developing a number of new methods  for stereoselective desymmetrisation of cyclohexa-1,4-dienes with concomitant stereoselective formation of challenging quaternary stereogenic centres. All of these fundamental areas are the subject of total synthesis of the tricyclic core of lycoposerramine S

    Desymmetrisation via chiral sulfoxide side chain

Desymmetrisation via free radical cyclisation

Desymmetrisation via Prins cyclisation

·      Synthesis of different heterocyclic compounds of anticipated biological activities

·      Using of flow technology as a truly green and environmentally friendly process for the synthesis of furans and pyrroles.


Teaching (First Term 2012)

341 Chem. (Organic heterocyclic chemistry)

145 Chem. (general organic chemistry)


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