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Personal Data :

Name:     Osama A. A. Al - Rababah.

Position: Assistant Professor

Address  :    Amman - Irbid Jordan.

               Mobile #: 0597635820.

                              : 0096227260862.

  E-Mail :

                                                                     Place of Birth: Irbid-Jordan. 

Nationality: Jordanian.

Marital Status: Married.

No. of children: Two.

 Academic Qualifications:





Date of Graduation


Control and information Systems.

Academy of science



Eng .

Institute of Engineering




1.     Arabic (native).

2.     English.

3.     Russian.

Professional Experience:


Place of work


Assistant Prof.

Delmon Univ. for science and technology. Bahrain


Assistant Prof.

Irbid National Univ. Jordan

June. 2001-Sept. 2004

Part Time Lecturer.

Al-palqa Univ. Jordan

Aug. 2000-May 2001

Assistant prof .

Al-zahraa college .


Feb .2007- July . 2009

Part Time Lecture

Associate prof    

Jerash private University – Jordan

July .01.2009 - Aug.25.2009 , summer

 Courses Taught at the University Level:

1.     Artificial Intelligence -MA.

2.     Program Language – Prolog.

3.     Software Engineering-MA.

4.     Introduction to Computer Science.

5.     Graduation Projects.

6.     Simulation.

7.     Computer Skills1,2.

8.     Microprocessor.

9. Human Computer Interaction.

9.     Information Technology.

10.      Program Language C++.

11.      Logic Design.

12.      Visual Basic .

13.      Software Quality.- MA

14.      Data Structure.

15.      Management Information System.

16.      Decision support system.

17.      Introduction to Database.

18.      System Analysis and Design.

19.      Introduction to Information System.

Fields of  Specialization:  


     - Control Systems, Artificial intelligence,

     -  Web designs, Software Engineering,

     - Operating system, Simulation,

     - Software Quality Assurance , Control Strategies , Control Structure.


Research papers Published:

1.     The Parametric Sensitivity of Actuating Induction Motor with Solid Rotor as Element of Control System. Irbid National University -2003.

2.     Artificial Neural Network as a tool of  diagnostics. Zaytoonah University of Jordan ICITNS -2003.

3.     "Computer Simulation of Quasi – Stationary field System stability" Ukraine Conference modeling of System 1996.

4.     AL-Zaytoonah University of Jordan أثر زمن تنفيذ المهام على أداء أنظمة الزمن الحقيقي الموزعة  ICITNS -2003

5.     Electric Voltage Control as an Implementation of Neural Networks

Journal of Computer Science – USA -2009 .       

Committees Membership:

- Member of the university Council at Irbid National Univ.(2003).

- Member of the Library Committee and Computer Committee

- Member of appointment committee

- Member of election Committee for the best Programmer at Irid National  Univ. (2004).

- Member of Development committee for Software Engineering

- Member of the Curriculum Committee.

- Member of the election committee.

- Head of  the training committee.

- Member of accreditation committee .

- Head of scientific research committee .


Other Activities:

- I participated in the workshop Hold in Irbid National University about the Scientific research and its limitations in Arab countries.

- I was a co-author for a text book entitled "Information Technology".

- I was a member of the master degrees researches jury.

- I was the coordinator for the subjects : software engineering , artificial intelligence  and computer skills .

Training  Courses  :  


1.      The Workshop Training in Teaching Methods and Evaluation, Irbid National  University , Jordon 23rd – 27th February 2003.

2.     The Scientific Workshop in The Methodology of Scientific Research and Constraints, Irbid University , Jordon 16th – 19th February 2004.

3.     The scientific workshop in Guidance and Evaluation ,

       – 2008.

                 Statement of Teaching Philosophy

Dr. Osama Rababah

Faculty of Information Technology

"Give a man a fish,  he eats for a day. Teach him how to fish,  he eats for lifetime" Chinese proverb.

I had not paid much attention to this proverb until I became a senior student in college, and realized that in the world of computer science and technology, there were infinitely many problems to learn, and of course, it was impossible for me to study all of those which were related to my field.

 During my first computer course in college, the course teaching assistant once told me that instead of  searching for, and solving all kinds sample problems, I needed to focus on the process of problem solving in computer and technology, and gain the ability to solve any problem whenever I needed to do so. His idea became my pattern of learning during graduate school. Therefore, as a teacher, rather than giving my students the solution of their problems all the time, I  strive to teach them how to search for and construct complete answers. I would like to make my students capable of analyzing and evaluating on their own. This will guide them toward becoming independent thinkers and lifetime instructors.

 Learning computer and technology needs from the student to be familiar with the logic, which can be gained through practice and experience. I want my students to use their intuition along with logic to analyze and evaluate problems. To help them gain enough intuition, I will solve selected sample problems in

 class, and will present alternative approaches to get the students to look at each problem from different perspectives. However, I never like to go into unnecessary theoretical details, as unnecessary details overshadow the concept.

 Teaching "M206: Object Oriented Approach", made me realize that undergraduate students get bored with theory and like to see more practical examples. This fact was verified when I asked my students to conduct an in-class survey. To overcome This problem, I will use different strategies: First, I will


keep the presentation of theory as short as possible , and will spend more time on examples. Second, I will get benefit from graphs and demonstrations .  Third I will get my students involved in discussions by asking them interesting questions on the subject, or by having them face challenging concepts and sometimes paradoxes.


I believe that the best way of evaluating students, is assigning homework problems with reasonable required work throughout the semester. However, depending on the departmental policy, course, or course climate, I may get benefit from different types of exam such as short-answer, problem-solving, take-home, practical-problems, or oral. I would like to add that as teachers evaluate students, students have a lot to say about their teachers' performance. I have always welcomed feedback from my students and other colleagues. While departments usually require their students to fill out feedback forms at the end of each semester. I will conduct early teacher evaluation in my classes to assure my students that I care about what they want from their teacher, and to improve my teaching skills and strategies.


                        Dr. Osama Rababah


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