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Canadian Journal of Civil Engrg., Vol.19 (3):540-542

Evaluation length of a wide channel subject to seepage

 and evaporation losses 

Helmi M. Hathoot, Ahmed I. Al-Amoud, And Fawzi  S. Mohammad

       This paper addresses the analysis of a wide channel subject to seepage and evaporation losses, the channel is being excavated in a permeable soil underlain by a highly permeable aquifer of low piezometric head. Both the cases of constant and variable depths of the top layer are considered. The authors present equations for estimating channel discharge at a general channel section and others for estimating the total length of channel. Because of the implicit nature of the general equation to used in computing channel length a number of non-dimensional curves are given to provide graphical solutions for the problem. The graphs cover a wide range of variables that may be found in practice. The channel length equations are modified for the sake of calculating the hydraulic conductivity of the top soil. Finally three numerical examples are given to show how to use both the equations and the graphs. 

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