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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة

  Proc., 1st. Saudi Symposium for Agric. Sciences, March 25-27, College of Agric., King Saud Univ., Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Response of Seleg Data Plam Trees to Basin, Bubbler and Trickle Irrigation Systems Using Different Irrigation Regimes

 M. A. Bacha, A. I. Al-Amoud, and A. M. Al-Darby




This invetigation was conducted on mature seleg date plam trees grown at the Agricultural and Research Station “Dierab” to study the effect of three irrigation systems (Basin, Bubbler and Trickle) using three irrgation regimes (50, 100 and 150% of class A pan evaporation rate) on growth, yield and fruit properties for three years 1991-1993.

            Data indicated that, number of leaves produced per tree each year significantly increased in Bubbler system as compared to the other two irrigation system, while no response was obtained under the three irrigation levels during this study. The average yield per tree (kg/tree) was higher in trickle irrigation system than in other two systems. At the same time, the levels of irrigation had no effect on the yield. Concerning the physical properties of the fruits (weight, size, diameters, length and pulp %), data showed that both systems and levels of irrigation had no effect on most of these properties. Regarding the chemical properties (moisture %, acidity %, T.S.S., sugars and tannins), data indicated that, moisture and sugar percentages were increased in trickle systems as compared to the other systems, while no clear trend was observed on the other properties. Moreover irrigation level had no significant effects on mast of the chemical properties of the fruits during this study.

Generally, the present revealed that the trickle irrigation system gave the highest yield per tree and good fruit quality at the different irrigation regimes.



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