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Journal of King Saud University, Engrg. Sci. Vol. 9,. (1):129-144

On the Estimation of the Time Required for Emptying Cylindrical Reservoirs Connected to Pipes

A.I. Al-Amoud, H.M. Hathoot , and F.S. Mohammad


            The problem investigated in this paper is the accurate evaluation of the time required for emptying a reservoir of constant cross-sectional area in which a pipe is fixed.

             In the analysis, a friction coefficient equation is considered which represents the different flow regimes on a Moody diagram satisfactorily. The approximate equation for estimating the time of emptying a reservoir, considering fully rough turbulent flow is derived and discussed. A computer program for estimating the accurate and approximate times of emptying reservoirs is presented. On the basis of the computer program a number of graphs are provided and the factors affecting the above estimation are studied. It is found that in some cases the estimated approximate time is in error by more than 25%.


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