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Al-Azhar J. of Agric. Research, Al-Azhar University, vol (22),1996.  (in Arabic)

 Performance Efficiency of some Flowmeters used irrigation Pipes

Ahmed I. Al-Amoud and Hussein M. Abo-Ghobar


             An investigation of the accuracy and reliability of some of the common irrigation water meters was made. A number of tests were designed and conducted on two types of flowmeters, namely: the Dry-Head Multi-Jet meter and turbine type flowmeter. The experiment involves registering the volume recorded on the water meter and the time required to fill the delivery reservior for actual flow rate computions. Experiments were carried out for various pipe sizes at defferent operating pressures. Results of meters performances have indicated that there are inccuracies associated with flowmeter type. However, inccuracy is also found be realted to the meter size, operating pressure and wheather the device is new or old. Recommendations are also suggested to improve the accuracy of the flowmeasuring devices.


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