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King Saud University, College of Agriculture, Agric.Res. Center, Research Bulletin No. (42):1-31, 1994.

Automatic Irrigation Scheduling Technique

for Water Conservation Under Arid Climatic Conditions

A. L. Al-Amoud ,  F. S. Mohammad ,  M. O. Ghandorah,

A. Sharaf Eldin ,  H. M. Hathoot , and H. M. Abo-ghobar

            An experiment was carried out at Hail region in Saudi Arabia to implement an automatic irrigation scheduling technique for conservation of water on a wheat crop for three seasons. The technique consisted of developing a closed-loop system based on remote soil water sensing and developing an open loop system based on water budget method. The first technique consisted of sensing the soil water potential, using transducer-tensiometers located at various locations and depths throughout the field area. The data were continuously collected in a central station and irrigation was started/stopped automatically when the potential reached a specified threshold level. The second scheduling system was based on soil water depletion or crop evapotranspiration estimated from climatic data from an automatic weather station installed at the site. The overall water savings was 25% as compared to control treatment. The average grain yield of wheat for the three seasons increased by 10% and 8% in the soil water and water budget treatments respectively. The performance of the two field automatic irrigation scheduling systems was found satisfactory and easy to implement.

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