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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة

J.King Saud Univ. vol. 6, Agric. Sciences (1):15-26, 1994. 

Evaluation of Hydraulic Characteristics of Some Locally Available Emitters 

Ahmed I. Al-Amoud and Hussein M. Abo-Ghobar

            An investigation was made on seven emitter types commonly used in farms and greenhouses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Tests were performed to determine their hydraulic characteristics and to check their adequacy for trickle system design requirements. The general trend of actual flow rates, was higher as compared to manufacturer’s published values in all emitters tested. Water application profiles along lateral were variable which indicate a higher coefficient of manufacturing variation Cv (low emission uniformity) in some of the emitters (B, E, F & G ). The increase in operating pressures of some emitters (A&E) , seems to improve the uniformity of water distribution. Comparison of the actual emission uniformities with recommended standard values suggested by ASAE, showed that only one emitter, D, is considered acceptable for field use.

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