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   Alex J. Agric. Res. 38 (1):1-18, 1993

Alex J. Agric. Res. 38 (1):1-18, 1993

                     Center Pivot Water Application Uniformity Relative

to Travel Speed and Direction

                                     Abo-Ghobar, H. M. and A. I. AL-Amoud

             Uniformities of water application along the pivot lateral and the lateral path for six center pivot systems were measured under field conditions to evaluate the performance of these systems. The effect of the machine travel speed on uniformity was also investigated. The results have indicated that high uniformity occurred along the travel path, while low uniformity occurred along the travel. That non-uniformity along the lateral was found to be related to the movement of the towers and wind speed. Results also have shown that travel speed influences the Cu values.

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