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Syllabus of PLPT 325 course
"Plant Diseases caused by Nematodes"


1st week


Lecture 1


Introduction; Definition; Groups of nematodes.


Lecture 2


Historical review; Economics of plant nematology. Relations of plant nematology to other sciences.


Practical 1


Plant nematology lab






2nd week


Lecture 3


General structure of plant nematodes: Body wall; Body cavity.


Lecture 4


General structure of plant nematodes: Digestive system


Practical 2


Collection and submission of soil and plant samples for nematode analysis.






3rd week


Lecture 5


General structure of plant nematodes: Nervous system; Excretory system; Reproduction system.


Lecture 6


Movement; Molting; Hatching; Life cycle. Mode of reproduction. Egg laying. Feeding.


Practical 3


Extracting nematodes from soil samples.






4th week


Lecture 7


Classification of nematodes


Lecture 8


Pathogenicity of nematodes. Plant-nematode relationships.


Practical 4


Extracting nematodes from plant tissues.






5th week


Lecture 9


First exam (15 points)


Lecture 10


Main groups of plant nematodes; Plant injuries caused by nematodes; Induction of disease


Practical 5


Staining techniques for observation of nematodes in plant tissues.






6th week


Lecture 11


Disease symptoms.


Lecture 12


Root diseases (1- root-knot nematodes; 2- cyst nematodes)


Practical 6


Inoculating plants with nematodes.






7th week


Lecture 13


Root diseases (3- lesion nematodes, 4- citrus nematode, 5- reniform nematodes).


Lecture 14


Root diseases (6- stunt nematodes, 7- spiral nematode, 8- lance nematodes, 9- ring nematodes, 10- pin nematodes, 11- sheath nematodes).


Practical 7


Mounting nematodes; Preparation of specimens for microscopic observation.






8th week


Lecture 15


Foliar diseases (1- seed gall nematodes, 2- leaf and bud nematodes, 3- stem and bulb nematodes).


Lecture 16


Relation of nematodes with other microorganisms (fungi, bacteria, and viruses).


Practical 8


First practical exam (12 points).






9th week


Lecture 17


Effect of environmental factors on nematode activities.


Lecture 18


Nematode distribution in soil. Effect of nematode densities on plant damage. Dessimination of nematodes.


Practical 9


Nematode morphology (general phenomena of males and females, cuticle striation, stylet types)






10th week


Lecture 19


Nematode control, preventive methods (quarantines, sanitation, ……..etc.).


Lecture 20


Highly effective control measures, resistant cultivars.


Practical 10


Nematode morphology (oesophagous types).






11th week


Lecture 21


Crop rotation.


Lecture 22


Chemical control.


Practical 11


Identification of the most common plant nematode genera.






12th week


Lecture 23


Chemical control.



Lecture 24


Special control measures (temperature).



Practical 12


Life cycle of plant nematodes. Identification of root-knot nematodes species on the basis of the female perinneal patterns.






13th week


Lecture 25


Soil solarization; Fallowing; Time of planting.


Lecture 26


Crop husbandary; Exclusion of infected plant materials; Biological control.


Practical 13


Nematicide use






14th week


Lecture 27


Scientific film.


Lecture 28


Second exam (15 points).


Practical 14


Second practical exam (15 points).






14th week




Final exams



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