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King Saud University

College of Food and Agricultural Sciences

Department of Plant Protection


PLPT 527 (Phytopathogenic Nematodes)


Sat. 09:00-10:00 AM.
               Practical:          Tues. 09:00-11:00 AM  

         Required Textbook:  1- Plant Nematode Control. (1998). A.G 
                                         Whitehead.Translators: A.A.M. Dawabah
                                         and F.A. Al-Yahya (2008). KSU Press.
                                      2-The Phisiology and Biochemistry of Free-
                                          Living and Plant-Parasitic Nemtodes.
                                          (1998).P. Wright.
                                      3- Plant-Parasitic Nemtodes in Subtropical
                                          Tropical Agriculture. (1990). Luc et al.
                                          APS Pres.
                                      4- Plant-Parasitic Nematodes. Vols.1-3.
                                          (1986). Zuckerman et al. APS Press.

       Prerequisites:             PLPT 507

         Credit hours:               2

         Instructor:               Prof. Ahmad Saad Al-Hazmi

       Office:                      2-2A-121

       Office Phone:             467-8433

       Mobile Phone:             0503233756

       E-mail:            ,

       Description of Course Contents:

                 Detailed studies of hostplant-nematode relationships; Disaese mechanims and development; Interaction between nematode and other pathogens; Nematode ecology and recent advances in their control. 


Exam 1

15 %

Practical Exam 1

15 %

Exam 2

15 %

Practical Exam 2

15 %

Final Exam

40 %



       Examples of Exam Questions


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