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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة

1- Publications

      I have published (nationally and internationally) as a asingle or a co-author: three books, and edited other three books, as well as more than 60 journals articles and several extension bulletins. [Please see the list of publications in the publications section].

2- Editorial Board of Scientific Journals

a- Editor-in-Chief of the “Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences”, published by the Saudi Biological Society, 1996-1998.

b- Editor-in-Chief of the “Research Bulletin”, published by the Agricultural Research Center, in the College of Agriculture, KSU. 1990-1998.

c- Member of the Editorial Board of the “ Arab Journal of Plant  Protection”, published by the Arab Society for Plant Protection (American University in Bierut). 1984-present.

d- Member of the Editorial Advisory Committee of the “Journal of Pesticide Management and Environment”, published by The Egyptian Society of Pest Control and Environment Protection, Alexandria University, Egypt. 1996-present.

e- Member of the Editorial Board of the “Egyptian Journal of Agronematology”, published by the Egyptian Society of Agronematology, Cairo, Egypt. 1999-2001.

 3- Scientific Cooperation

            This includes: consultations, evaluations, reviews, training, technical reports, and technical committees

            a- National Cooperation

1. Ministry of Agriculture, since 1985.

2. King Abdul - Aziz City for Science and Technology ( KACST ) , ( Technical committees, evaluation of grant proposals and reviewing of progress reports submitted to KACST), since 1981.

3. Ministry of Urban and Rural Affairs (Dept. of Parks and Gardens), since 1990.

4. Ministry of Civil Service  ( evaluation of the  training  programs  and their certificates), since 1998.

5. Chairman of the “ National Agricultural Research Group ”, King Abdul - Aziz City for Science & Technology (KACST), 1997-1998.

6. Member, National Committee for Conservation of Water Consumption, MA & W. 1998-1999.

7. Chairman of the Academic Programs and Curricula Development in the College of Agriculture, KSU for more than 15 years, 1983-1998.

8. Review of manuscripts submitted to national scientific journals, 1982-present.

9. Agricultural Consultations to Hail Region Governorate, 1988.

10. Training  programs  and workshops, designed for  governmental and private sectors, 1983-present.

11. Technical consultations to several Saudi agricultural companies (HADCO, TADCO, NADEC, Al-JOUF, ALMARAI, etc.), since 1981.

12. Diagnosis of nematode problems and suggestion of control measures for governmental and private sectors, as well as to growers, since 1981.

b- International cooperation

1. Co-editor of  "Plant Nematology in The Arab World" book, supervised and published in two volumes (1242 pp.) by the Arab Society for Plant Protection in 2010.

2. Co-editor of "Plant Nematology in The Arab World", supervised and published in two volumes by the Arab Society for Plant Protection in 2010.

3. The  Arab  Organization for Agricultural  Development ( Arab League ), Khartoum, Sudan, since 2000.

4. The Arab Society for Plant Protection, since 1983. (Also, representative of the Society in Saudi Arabia, 1983-1988).

5. Vice-President of the first (and establishing) meeting of the “Union of Arab Colleges of Agriculture”, University of Khartoum, Sudan, 1999.

6. Deans Committee of the Agricultural & Vertinary Colleges in GCC countries, since 1999.

7. Participation in the project of “Arabization of Nematological Terms “, by Arab Society for Plant Protection. 1998-present.

8. FAO-Near East Regional Office, Cairo. Expert Consultation on plant nematode problems in the Near East and their control. 1992.

9. Review of  manuscripts  submitted  for  publication in some  international scientific journals, since 1984.

10. Cooperation with the “Crop Nematode Research and Control Project-CNRCP”, US Aid, University of Maryland and N. C. State University. 1985-1989.

11. Cooperation with the “International Meloidogyne Project – IMP”, Us Aid, N. C. State University. 1981-1984.

 4- Membership in Professional Scientific Societies

1. Society of Nematologists (SON).

2. American Phytopathological Society (APS).

3. Saudi Biological Society (SBS).

4. Arab Society for Plant Protection (ASPP).

5. Pakistan Society of Nematologists (PSN).

6. Afro-Asian Society of Nematologists (AASN).

7. Egyptian Society of Agronematology (ESAN).

8. Saudi Society of Agricultural Sciences (SSAS).

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