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Excel Web Access - Use the Excel Web Access to interact with an Excel workbook as a Web page.  Excel Web Access

Select a Workbook
Select a Workbook To display a workbook in this Web Part, you must first select the workbook.

To select a workbook, open the tool pane, and then edit the Workbook property.
Click here to open the tool pane.

How do I connect this Web Part to a workbook?

 Business Data Item

Open the tool pane and choose the type of data to display.


CV.aspxCVد. تغريد عبدالحميد ابوالمكارم
CVar.aspxCVarد. تغريد عبدالحميد ابوالمكارم
Checked Out To: د. تغريد عبدالحميد ابوالمكارمDr.Taghredد. تغريد عبدالحميد ابوالمكارم

 IView Web Part

InformationWebpart is not configured correctly. Either no SAP® Server or IView has been selected for this web part or the selected SAP® server is not trusted anymore in the Sharepoint server.


3.jpg3د. تغريد عبدالحميد ابوالمكارم
2.jpg2د. تغريد عبدالحميد ابوالمكارم
1.jpg1د. تغريد عبدالحميد ابوالمكارم


There are no items to show in this view of the "Documents" document library.

Business Data Actions - Display a list of actions from the Business Data Catalog.  Business Data Actions

Open the tool pane and choose the type of data whose actions you want to show.

 Content Editor Web Part

<Dr. Put Your Name>

د. تغريد ابو المكارم

استاذ مساعد قانون تجاري

كلية الانظمة والعلوم السياسية

مبنى 12 

مكتب 106 الدور الارضي


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