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أسئلة شائعة


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Professional Experience

2009, Committee Sicentific Member of the 9th International Conference Risk Factors in Food Chain, Slovakia.

2009, member of the editorial board of the Journal of Ecology and the Natural Environment (JENE).

 2004-2008 Committee Member in the Council of Institute of Graduate Studies and Research,  Alexandria University, Egypt (IGSR)

1996-2008 Committee Member in the Council of Department of Environmental Studies,IGSR

2004-2006 Head of the Examinations Committee In the IGSR

2008 Excutive Director of the Spicial Uinte of the Center of IGSR

1995-2005 Committee Member of the Cultural Relationship,IGSR

1992- 1995 Committee Member of the Liberary of the IGSR

1992- 1993 Committe Member of the Laboratory and instruments,IGSR

1981-now Committee Member of many Scientific Society



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