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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

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Ministry of Education

Riyadh Teachers' College

English Department



Course Title:Teaching English in Saudi Arabia

Course Code:Eng 382

Number of credit hours:2 /wk

Instructor: Mr Mohammed Al-Nayef

Office Phone:

Office hours: ( 10 hours  )


1- Course Description

This course intends to provide the students with information related to the background of teaching English language in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It will familiarize them with topics on the historical background of the development of English language teaching in the kingdom. The topics include the Saudi policy of education, the aims of teaching English in public schools, the components of English curriculum, the cycle of curriculum development, classroom discipline and problems facing the language teacher and how to deal with them.


II-Rationale: Prospective EFL students will be equipped with the necessary tools, objectives, management and problem-solving techniques and models of classroom discipline to qualify them to be efficient teachers. Therefore, this course will hopefully meet the demands and the requirements of the effective teaching behavior of student teachers


III- Course Objectives:

      By the end of this course, English majors are expected to be able to

1- Get acquainted with the general objectives of teaching English in KSA.

2- Develop awareness of the problems they might encounter in their future  work and stimulate them to find out solutions to these problems.

3- Recognize the general objectives of education in light of the educational policy in       KSA.

4- Identify the different development stages in education, textbooks and teaching        methodology in KSA. 

5- Use effective management techniques that help them to control their classes and provide meaningful teaching to the students.     


IV- Calendar, Course Contents and Assignment Specifications;




Students are to look through the chapters in order to have an idea about the course in general

Introduction to the course

First Week

Students are to discuss why English was chosen as a foreign language taught in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

History of English in KSA

Second Week

Students are to:

- Compare and contrast between USA& KSA in terms of culture, unification and political systems.

- Compare the history of education in both countries.

History of education in KSA

Third Week


Students are to :

- Realize how English textbooks and teaching methods developed in the kingdom.

- Discuss in groups the defects or weaknesses of these textbooks and methods.

Teaching EFL in KSA

Fourth Week

Students are to critically read and analyze the general objectives of the education policy.

The Saudi Arabian Education Policy

Fifth Week

Students are to present the general objectives of teaching English in the kingdom according to the old and new curriculum documents.

Aims of TEFL in Saudi Arabia

Sixth Week

Students are to understand the different definitions of the curriculum, its foundations and main components.

The Components of Curriculum

Seventh Week



Eighth Week

Students are to :

- Discuss in groups the possible problems that might be faced by teachers, their causes and types.

-Define classroom discipline.

Problems Facing the Language Teacher

Ninth Week

Students are to :

- Describe different models for managing classroom misbehavior.

-Understand  the important kinds of discipline .

Models of Classroom Discipline

Eleventh Week

Students are to :

-Realize the importance of preventive measures that help teachers control students' behavior.

- Discuss in pairs or groups suggested ways to deal with problems in class.  

Dealing with Problems in the Classrooms

Twelfth Week

Students are to:

- Have an idea about teacher training programs in KSA. 

- Discuss in groups the importance of lesson planning.

Preparing & Training Teachers in KSA

Thirteenth Week

Students are to be acquainted with the most important criteria used for analyzing and evaluating textbooks .


EFL Textbook Analysis and Evaluation

Fourteenth Week



Fifteenth  Week



               10 %

Attendance& Participation

               30 %

Midterm  exam

               60 %

Final  exam



               100 %



VI- Required Texts:

       Teaching English in Saudi Arabia, by Dr Talal Al-Hajailan


VII- Instructional Procedures

    -  A critical reading approach will be adopted in this course. Students will read              analyze and discuss the topics in groups and finally draw up conclusions and     make summaries.       

-   Effective interaction between students and the teacher during the lessons.

-   Students participation will take the form of independent reading, discussions,               presentations and sharing ideas           


VIII- General Course Requirements:

        Students are expected to be responsible about class attendance. An in class mid term and final exam will be held. No make-ups will be allowed. No late assignments will be accepted.

IX- Internet sites for teaching English as a second or a foreign language:

 / ESL.html



X- References

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