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Physical Chem(Sol&Equilb)
Advanced Physical Chem.
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Physical Chem. (1) 221
Physical Chem. (2) 322
Physical Chem. (3) 324
Physical Chem. (4) 422
Practical Phy.Chem.
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General Chem
Development of Atomic theory
Atomic theory
Its a Gas
221 Lectures
Pictures and Multi Media
Buffer Soulution
Galvanic Cell
Radioactive Decay
Acid Ionization
Le Chatelier's Principle
Orientation of Collision
Activation Energy
Vapor Pressure
Properties of Gases
Redox Titrations In Acidic Media
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Galvanic Cell
Galvanic Cell2
Welcome to my website. I hope that you will find what might be useful to you . Students will find The course specification Course contents and how it can be distributed during the term Lectures Home work Samples of exams and their solutions Don't hesitate to contact me through my e-mail. Iwill be very pleased to be in touch and answer any questions.
Dr.AbdElrazig E. Hamed Elniel
Department Science - Chemistry
College Teachers College
Specialization Physical Chemistry
PO.BOX 4341
Riyadh 11491
Tel 4911063
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