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Riyadh Teachers’ College

English Department






Course Title   :           Language and Culture I


Course Code   :           ENG 253


Number of Credit Hours  :           2


Instructor   :           Dr. Iftekhar Ahmed


     Office hours: (To be announced)



I.                   Course Description:


This course is an introduction to sociolinguistics.  This field deals with abroad range of topics at the interface between human language and human society.  Sociolinguistics is an interdisciplinary area of language study, which looks at language in its social context and studies the complex relationship between communication, society and culture.  Thus, in this course sociolinguistics is taught as a branch of linguistics that studies language in relation to society.  In this sense, the language used tends to vary.  This variation is the result of many different factors such as: religion, age, ethnicity, gender, etc.  Thus, language used by men differs from that used by women and the language used by adults differs from that used by youngsters.  It shows that the combination of these components bears influence on language acquisition and language use.


II.                Calendar, Course Contents and Assignment Specifications:

    About this course: What is sociolinguistics        


      Language and Culture


      Ethnography of Communication


      Politeness, Euphemism, insults


      Language and Gender


      Conversation and its absence


      Language variation


      Regional variation


      Regional variation: Massachusetts


      Social variation


      Formal approaches to language variation


      Variation and change


      African-American English


      Bilingualism and Bilingual Education




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