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Course Specification

201 Sale (An Introduction of Sales Management)


Course Specification

Institution  : K . S . U .                     

College : Community in Riyadh

Department :  Administrative Sciences

A Course Identification and General Information

1.  Course title and code :

201 Sale (An Introduction of Sales Management)

2.  Credit hours : 3

3.  Program(s) in which the course is offered : Career


4.  Name of faculty member responsible for the course :

                            Dr. Mostafa Shalaby Mohamed


5.  Level/year at which this course is offered : 3RD .

6.  Pre-requisites for this course (if any) : ________


7.  Co-requisites for this course (if any) : _________


8.  Location if not on main campus : Community College in Riyadh



B  Objectives 

1.  Summary of the main learning outcomes for students enrolled in the course.

      a- Principals of Sales management  .

      b- The new role of Sales management .

      c- Sales planning & organization .

      d- Sales force management.


2.  Briefly describe any plans for developing and improving the course that are being implemented :

     a- Changing the scientific content .

     b- Depending on modern books .

     c- Depending on periodicals & researches available at internet .


C.  Course Description  (Note:  General description in the form to be used for the Bulletin or Handbook should be attached)


1 Topics to be Covered



No of


Contact hours

1- Developing the concept of selling



2- The new role of Sales management



3- Sales planning



4- Sales organization



5- Sales force management



6- Staffing salesmen



7- Salesmen training and development their skills



8- The steps of sales process



9- Sales promotion



10-Wrong concepts










2 Course components (total contact hours per semester):                        


       45- 48

Tutorial:  _________

Practical/Fieldwork/Internship: _________


Other: _________


3. Additional private study/learning hours expected for students per week. (This should be an average :for the semester not a specific requirement in each week) : ________


4. Development of Learning Outcomes in Domains of Learning 

a.  Knowledge 

(i)  Description of the knowledge to be acquired

     a- The Concept of Sales Management .

     b- Sales planning & Organization.

     c- Sales Force Management

     d- Controlling & Evaluation The Selling Performance .

(ii)  Teaching strategies to be used to develop that knowledge

a- Lecturers.

     b- Free Discussion.

     c- Case Studies.

     d- Brain Storming .

(iii)  Methods of assessment of knowledge acquired

a- Midterms Exams .

b- Quizzes .

c- Researches & Home works

d- Final Exam .







b.  Cognitive Skills

(i)  Cognitive skills to be developed

    a- Sales Planning & Organization .

    b- Forecasting sales.

    c- Designing Application .

    d- Making The Selling Interview.

(ii)  Teaching strategies to be used to develop these cognitive skills

a-      The Roles Acting  .

b-      The Implication Studies  .

c-      Education Through Groups  .


(iii)  Methods of assessment of students cognitive skills

      a-  The Labial  Proposal .

      b- Free  Discussion .

     c-  The Individual Observation .

     d-  The Written Exams .


c. Interpersonal Skills and Responsibility

(i)  Description of the interpersonal skills and capacity to carry responsibility to be developed

  a- Cooperation .

  b- Leadership .

c-  Motivation  & Encouragement .    

(ii)  Teaching strategies to be used to develop these skills and abilities

a-      Making Researches .

b-      The Labial  Proposal .

c-      Education Through Groups .




(iii)  Methods of assessment of students interpersonal skills and capacity to carry responsibility

    a- The Individual Observation .

    b- Evaluation the researches & discussion it during the lecture .

    c-  Evaluation the role of every student  at his group .

d.   Communication, Information Technology and Numerical Skills

(i)  Description of the skills to be developed in this domain.

   a- Forecasting  Sales.

   b- Definition the Sales value & Market share .

   c- Making the Selling Interview .

   d- leadership .

(ii)  Teaching strategies to be used to develop these skills

   a- The Implication Studies .

   b- The Roles acting  .

   c- Free Discussion.

   d- The Labial  proposal .

(iii)  Methods of assessment of students numerical and communication skills

    a- Tthe Written Exams .

   b- The Labial  proposal .

   c- The Individual Observation .

e.  Psychomotor Skills (if applicable)

(i)  Description of the psychomotor skills to be developed and the level of performance required :___________________

(ii)  Teaching strategies to be used to develop these skills :_____________

(iii)  Methods of assessment of students psychomotor skills : __________



5. Schedule of Assessment Tasks for Students During the Semester



Assessment task 

Week due

Proportion of Final Assessment



1st midterm exam





2nd midterm exam










Researches & home works         





The final exam


















D. Student Support

40 Hours  Weekly ( Lecturers – Office Hours – Academic Guidance ) 


E Learning Resources


  1. Required Text(s) : The scientific principles of Sales management

                                                      (Dr. Nagy Maala )         


2. Essential References :Promotion & Commercial Advertisement

                                                          ( Dr. Besheer Alallak )

3- Recommended Books and Reference Material (Journals, Reports, etc) (Attach List) : - The ten keys for success marketing ( d. Rowida Abdul aziz )

            - the effective sales manager ( d. talat asaad )

4-.Electronic Materials, Web Sites etc

 - Journal of marketing theory and practice.    


  - الشبكة المعلوماتية للصناعات العربية .  

5- Other learning material such as computer-based programs/CD, professional standards/regulation :____________



F. Facilities Required

1.  Accommodation :

                 - Lecture Rooms

2. Computing resources

                 - Data Show .

3. Other resources : _____________________



G   Course Evaluation and Improvement Processes


1- Strategies for Obtaining Student Feedback on Effectiveness of Teaching

  a- The Midterms Exams .

  b- Quizzes .

  c- Home Works & Researches .

  d- The Final Exams .

2  Other Strategies for Evaluation of Teaching by the Instructor or by the Department

  - The Evaluation of  Lecturers Staff  by Students . 

3  Processes for Improvement of Teaching

  - Development of The Scientific Content .

4. Processes for Verifying Standards of Student Achievement :_________________

5  Describe the  planning arrangements for periodically reviewing course effectiveness and planning for improvement.

-  Browse  The New Books .

-  Browse  The Internet .

-  Exploration Opinions of Professors & Students  . 







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