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Video 2
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Video Clips
Apoptosis 2.jpg
Apoptosis 2
691 x 41619 KB
Showing ovarian follicle undergoing apoptosis 18h post malaria infection
866 x 68727 KB
Showing ovarian follicles undergoing apoptosis 18h post malaria infection
650 x 46647 KB
Malaria infected mosquito gut showing fully developed oocysts at 8 days post-infection
Inhibition Zone.jpg
Inhibition Zone
311 x 25416 KB
Inhibition zone assay showing the anti-bacterial humoral activity of mosquito against M. luteus bacteria at 18h post-bacterial injection
larval trayes.JPG
larval trayes
1280 x 960664 KB
Showing larval trayes used for rearing larval mosquitoes in the lab
739 x 55393 KB
Showing life cycle of mosquito in general starting from egg - larva - pupa until adult blood-feeding mosquito
Melanized Beads.jpg
Melanized Beads
849 x 69947 KB
Melanized beads by mosquito immune system showing 3 degrees of melanizations at 18h post bead-inoculation
Melanized oocysts.jpg
Melanized oocysts
699 x 560133 KB
Infected mosquito gut showing fully melanized young oocysts by mosquito immune system (gifted by Prof. H. Hurd, Keele University, UK.
mosquito cage.JPG
mosquito cage
1280 x 960567 KB
Showing rearing cages for mosquitoes in the lab
Resorption 2.jpg
Resorption 2
719 x 571102 KB
Showing ovarian follicles undergoing resorption 20h post malaria infection
779 x 57086 KB
Showing ovarian follicles undergoing resorption in control mosquitoes
433 x 26625 KB
Control un-infected mosquito gut showing normal midgut
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