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Prof. James Watson, a Nobel Laureate (Nobel Prize in medicine, 1962), The finder of DNA double Helix (Picture taken at KSU in January 2010)



Prof. Krebs (Sheffield University), The finder of "Krebs Cycle" in cellular respiration

(Picture taken while visiting Sheffield University (UK) on September, 2010)















Prof. Erwin Neher, a Nobel Laureate (Nobel Prize in Neurology, 1991), the finder of "Nerve Impulse Mechanism"

Picture taken at KSU on 5/12/2010




Prof. Gunter Blobel, a Nobel Laureate (Nobel Prize in Physiology, 1999), the finder of the "Machinary of the Intrinsic Protein Signaling" in animal cell

Picture taken at KSU on 20/4/2009





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