Complex analysis in several variables I

The purpose of this course is to study some basic proprieties and results on holomorphic mappings  in  several  complex variables.

Description :  Scaling technic , characterization of a strongly pseudoconvex domains by its automorphism group, The Wong-Rosay theorem. Invariant metrics; Caratheodory metric, Kobayashi metric,  Poincare’s theorem. Extension of biholomorphisms between strongly pseudoconvex domains (Fefermann’ theorem)

Prerequiste: M-585 and M-683


Grading : A Mid-term exam : 25%, Homework : 25%, Final exam: 50%

Text-book : 1- R. Narasimhan : Several complex variables, University of Chicago, Press Chicago (1971).

2- S. Krantz, function theory of several complex variables, A wiley-interscience publication, (1981)

 Partiel-Exam 2008