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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Readers Write Index


We Need Power!

by Madani Mohiuddin Ahmad
King Saud University, Riyadh, KSA

Sept. 5, 2007

Readers Write


Source of energy is a decisive factor for every developed/developing/underdeveloped countries. No power, no development. Power has always been the other side of human existence ever since the existence of humanity itself. Industrialization alongside physical infrastructure, source of energy is an indispensable part for all types of countries in the world. Thus, it is the production of energy that every civilised country needs for its all-round development. Marketing know-how technology for the production of energy where nuclear energy has occupied the whole world as to how peacefully it is produced to facilitate and procure the primary need of the entire mankind. Perhaps this could be the region that power sector has traveled a long way getting transformed into a symbol of status at least for the developed countries regardless of geographical region or human race that may be.

Nature has given tremendous source of power to all. The only thriving question is how do we use it? East or west, north or south, no part of our living planet is without natural source of power. Even Nepal has got a very rich source of hydroelectric power which alone is capable enough to provide energy to the entire densely and unevenly population of North-Eastern part of India particularly Bihar where acute power crisis is there. This heartland of India as of now is in desperate need of power and it is not as good as other part of the country. Let us ignore for a moment the question of foreign investment including Indo-US nuclear deal, our own top ranked industrialists in power sector, Tata or Reliance are not that much interested or at least disinclined to invest. Reasons are many and debatable. Anyway, this is our own domestic problem. It's a biting truth that Bihar is power deprived. Unequal distribution of power in terms of region and the people of our country has long been a subject matter for the party or the parties at the center. It might even be the issue of water distribution in the southern part of Indian territory. What matters is the political willingness.

At this point of political unwillingness on Indo-US nuclear deal the ‘Left-Right’ confrontation of the UPA government is not going to be easy. This significant discomfort of Dr. Manmohan Singh government may think of political compromise with the Left Wing. It means the relationship is a fragile one and might head towards separation in case the respective party interest is not taken care of. Indian dailies are strumming with their write-ups as to what is best in the interest of the country. Still, the core issue is missing. CPI (ML) and its sister organizations have been doing what their principles or maxims dictate them. The issue of have and have-nots is always on the top of their political agenda and is still on in some parts of the country. Naxalism and foreign political supervision like China keep watch on our own political matters. Then how can India, with her mixed economic policy, will head for self sufficiency in the use of nuclear power? Nearly 50 years rule of Congress party alone couldn’t reach that height of success in the power sector, then there is no reason, as of now, why not both the partners remain intact at the center to achieve a common goal like nuclear power in the best interest of the people and the country rather than taking dictation from the dictums of their party- based- policies.

Differences among all the political parties are a permanent feature in the Indian polity. It is very hard to say when the 1000 million people of India will rise to the fact and focus on the democratic values, the one which has the largest in the world.

PM Manmohan Singh’s slogan ‘Nuclear Renaissance’ sounds good and he might take steps to ensure India’s energy security. Generating 20,000 MW of nuclear energy by the year 2020 is every Indian’s dream. International cooperation (from Nuclear Suppliers Group and International Atomic Energy Agency) is conditional. It means that India's long term foreign policy must be intact and the security and policy making on production of nuclear energy can never be compromised. We have faced economic embargo on having our indigenous nuclear test at Pokhran while NSG has tested many. Fact is that Pokhran test was absolutely a peaceful one. The world is the witness. England, France, Russia, China, Germany, Japan and US are using nuclear energy successfully. Their industrial growth is in fine tune with economic growth for the all-round development of their land and the people.

Why then so much of limitations and constraints in our case? What is wrong with the formation of a Joint Parliamentary Committee on 123 agreement? What is the intention behind to keep the opposition at bay? If things are fine, let the issues be discussed on the floor of the House and far better if the people of India could watch it on DD live. If Indo-US nuclear deal is contentious to the CPI (M), then it must not be an issue between the two parties only. Prospects of nuclear deal and several underlying questions are equally alarming to the opposition. Just political mood of a party will fetch nothing for the betterment of Nation’s growth and development.

However, could we, the people of India make selflessly an accurate prognosis that the Nation is on the top and then anything else behind regardless of being ‘A Third-World Country’ - a phrase that has been coined unethically!

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