* Read the instructions in italics carefully.

 * Answer each question of 1 mark. 

 * Number of questions: 60

 * Time Allowed: 2 Hours.

 * This is just a model paper for practice and discussion.


 Correct the tense of the verbs in the parentheses and complete the following sentences.

 1. I (watch) __________ a movie on television last night

2. Now, I (be) ____________ ready to take my exams.

3. What (be) __________ you doing in the class?

4. Have you ever (see) _____________ the holy mosque of Madina?

5. What do you (did) __________ every morning?

 Circle the correct option/choice.

6. Please be quiet. I _______________ to concentrate. (was trying/ am trying/tried)

7. Look! It _________________ (snowed /snows/snowing)

8. This food _____________ good. (Taste/tasting/tastes)

9. Do you remember your school teacher who_______________ you 


10. Water ____________ of hydrogen and oxygen.(consisted/consisting/consists)

11. I ______________ English for two hours every night .(studied/studies/study)

12. I need an umbrella because it ____________ raining.(was/is/had)

13. I ______________ up early morning everyday.(got/gets/get)

14. My father ______________ eating fruits in breakfast every morning.(like/likes/liking)

15. Ahmad ____________ in the front row during the class.(sitting/sit/sits/)

Use the correct form of the verb-tense (simple past / present perfect).

 16. Try not to be absent from class again for the rest of the term. You (miss, already)    ________   too many classes.

17. Jack really needs to get in touch with you. Since this morning, he (call)______________ here

   four times trying to reach you.

18.  Ms. Alex (wear)________her new dress.

19.Jack (go)________to a party at Adil’s apartment  last Saturday night.

20. Ali(be)_______here since the 22nd.

 Read the following incomplete conversation. Fill in the blanks with future tense helping verbs  OR  present tense BE verbs wherever necessary:

 21. Mr. Swan (be, not) ____________ here next term. He has resigned. Who (be)

     __________ the new teacher? Do you know?

22. Yes. Ms. Mary Jefferson. Ms. Jefferson (teach) ________________ the same courses

     Mr. Swan taught: English, Algebra, and Geometry. I (be) ___________ in her Algebra class.

23. In what ways the damage we do to our environment today, will affect 

    the quality of life for future generations?

24.Ahmad will graduate in June. After that, he will begin work at

   an electronics firm.

25.Adil is going to be at the meeting tomorrow. I think Ahmad is coming too.

    Sure. I (see, probably) ________________ him at the meeting this evening.

 Combine each pair of sentences. Use the correct choice   a)  b)  c)    as given below:

 Example: I will call you. I come over.

    a) before b) since c) after ( I will call you before I come over.)

 26. Susan sometimes feels nervous. Then she chews her nails.

    a) whenever             b) before                      c) every time




27. The frying pan caught on fire. I was making dinner at that time.

    a) by the time          b) while                       c) as soon as



 28. We were sitting down to eat. Someone knocked on the door at that moment.

   a) just as                   b) just after                  c) just before



29. The singer finished her song. The audience immediately burst into laughter.

   a) as long as              b) as soon as                c) immediately after


 30. We have to wait here. Nancy will come.

   a) as soon as             b) after                                    c) until


 31. Nancy will come. We can leave for the theater.

   a) after                      b) as soon as                c) when



 32. My room mate walked into the room yesterday. I immediately knew that something

      was wrong.

    a) just as soon as     b) when                       c) whenever


 33. I stood up to give my speech. Immediately before that, I got butterflies in my stomach.

   a) until                      b) while                       c) just before



34. The other passengers will get on the bus soon. Then we’ll leave.

    a) while                   b) as soon as                c) the last time



35. I turned off the lights. After that, I left the room.

    a) before                  b) by the time              c) after



Circle the correct option to show the correct relation between the subject and the verb.

 36. A woman and her child (is, are) waiting to see Dr. Chang.

 37. Every man, woman, and child (is, are) protected under the law.

 38. Washing the dishes (is, are) the children’s job.

 39. The results of Dr. Noll’s experiment (was, were) published in a scientific journal.

 40. The weather in the southern states (gets, get) very hot during the summer.

 Change the following sentences from active to passive.

 41. Shakespeare wrote  King Lear.__ _____________________________________________

42. Waitresses and waiters in the hotels serve customers. __________________________________________________________________________

43. The teacher is going to explain the lesson. ______________________________________

44. Shirley has suggested a new idea. _____________________________________________

45. I will write a letter to my mother _____________________________________________

Change the following sentences from passive to active.


46. Was the electric light bulb invented by Thomas Edison?


47. The speed limit on Highway 5 isn’t obeyed by most drivers.


48. Have you been informed of a proposed increase in our rent by the building superintendent?


49. That sentence was written by Omar.

   _ _______________________________________________________________________

50. Our papers are going to be collected by the teacher.

   _ _______________________________________________________________________

Complete the following sentences. Use correct form of gerunds.

51. You are capable __________ (do) _____________ better work.

52. I have no excuse __________ (be) _____________ late.

53. I’m accustomed ___________ (have) ___________ a big breakfast.

54. Alice isn’t interested ____________ (look) _______________ for a new job.

55. Henry is excited __________ (leave) ___________ for India.

 Combine the following sentences using the word or phrase in the parentheses (  ) and rewrite 

 them  on the lines. Add commas where necessary.

56. Cold air hovers near the earth. It is heavier that hot air. (because)


57. You paid for the theater tickets. Please let me pay for our dinner. (since)


58. Larry is finally caught up on his work. He can start his vacation tomorrow. (now that)


59. We can go swimming every day. The weather is warm. (now that)


60. Students had done poorly on the test. The teacher decided to give it again. (since)