Course Number:101

Course Title : NGR 101

Prescribed Book: Interactions -1  Grammar

Written by-  Elaine Kirn / Darcy Jack / Jill Korey O'Sullivan

Published by -Mc Graw Hill , Middle East Edition

Aims & Ojectives: This course aims at learners' grasp ability of interactive English grammar. It

lays emphasis on integrated proficiency levels vis-a-vis listening and speaking skills.

Course Description: One Semester Exam contains first five chapters streched over the

following course components---

Chapter 1: School Life Around the World (Lesson)

*The Verb Be

*The Simple Present Tense

* Personal Pronouns , Possessive Adjectives, and Pronouns

 Chapter 2: Experiencing Nature ( Lesson) 

* There is... /There are...

* Questions with Whose and Possessive Nouns

* The Present Continuous Tense , action verb+ing sentence/phrase

* Modal Verbs... can , may , might and will 

  Chapter 3 : Living to Eat or Eating to Live? (Lesson)

* Nouns and Expressions of Quantity

* Degree of Comparisons

* Modal Verbs -- Requests , Offers and Permission 

 Chapter 4: In the community (Lesson)

*Future Verb Form

*Preposition Of Place and Time


 Chapter 5 : Home (Lesson)

*The Simple Past Tense (Regular Verbs); Used to

*The Simple Past Tense (Irregular Verbs)

Evaluation: Quizzes + Tests(x2) + Final Examination= 100 Marks

Teaching Method: Lecture + Language Lab 


Model paper based on lesson for comprehension practice.  

Read the following conversation carefully. Circle the correct answer- a , b or c:

Susana : This is a perfect spot. The birds are singing. The fish are jumping in the lake. It’s all

so peaceful.

Marta : I know what you mean. I am so relaxed, I am not thinking of any of my problems.

Unfortunately, though, the sky is turning black. We should probably get back to the


Susana: I guess you are right. What are Gil and Rafael doing?

Marta : Gil is taking a nap over by that tree. Listen-he is snoring! And Rafael is collecting rocks.

Susana : Why is he doing that?

Marta: He is taking a geology class. He is learning about different kinds of rocks. I think finding

interesting rocks is becoming one of his hobbies.

Susana: Oh! I think it’s beginning to rain.

Marta: That’s OK. We have raincoats and we are all wearing heavy, waterproof hiking boots.

Read the conversation again and tick the correct answer... a , b or c 

1. Marta is not thinking of any problems, because… a. she is sick.  b. she is taking her

    English test. c. she is free and relaxed.

 2. ‘the sky is turning black’ , means…  a. It is going to rain  b.the color of the sky is black

      c. nothing in the sky

 3. Who is not taking a nap?   a. Gil   b. Rafael c. Susana

 4. All are wearing raincoats and waterproof hiking boots, because…

 a.       it might rain.  b. it doesn’t rain.  c. it isn’t going to rain

 5.  Rafael is collecting rocks, because…      a. he is going to play with the rocks.

      b. he likes geology class.  c. he is taking Arabic class.

 6. Where should the hikers get back to?   a. Emerald Lake  b. playground c. campground