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King Saud University

College of Business Administration

Management Department                                            

Lecturer : Ghada Al Angari



Study Plan for Course PA 225 (Administrative Leadership)


Course objective:


This course (Administrative Leadership) is getting great interest by the researchers. The Administrative Leadership is considered the main driver for the successful Administrative process, in addition to the great influence of Administrative Leadership and its style followed on the subordinates. Thus, this course aims at increasing understanding and knowledge of all aspects of traditional and modern Administrative Leadership , as well as benefiting from the scientific subject in application.


Course contents:

To achieve the above objectives, the following subjects will be studied and discussed:

1- Introduction to Administrative Leadership through which the following will be identified:

-                      Definition of Administrative Leadership                          Aspects of Administrative Leadership

-                      Role of Administrative Leadership in organizations         Principles of Administrative Leadership


2- Development of Leadership Intellect:

-     Development of  Leadership Intellect in old ages

-     Development of  Leadership Intellect in median ages

-     Development of  Leadership Intellect in Islamic era

-     Development of  Leadership Intellect in modern ages


3- Methods , theories and forms of Administrative Leadership:

4- Moslem Admin Leader

5- Transformative leadership

6- Administration Leader and teamwork

7- Administration Leader and modern styles of administration

8- Skills of modern Administrative Leadership

9- Problems and challenges of Administrative Leadership



-  Lectures

-  Alqahtani, Salem Saeed (1422H0, Administrative Leadership , change towards global leaderedition, 1 , Riyadh, Maramer publishing


Additional References:

-  Kanaan, Nawaf (1999), Administrative Leadership, edition. 1, Amman, Culture House Publishers

-  Tarif, Shawki (1993), Leadership behavior & Admin effectiveness , Cairo, Gharib Library



Student is estimated in this course as follows:

-                      Participation           (5 marks)

-                      homework             (5 marks)

-                      1st Semester exam (25 marks)

-                      2nd Semester exam  (25 marks)

-                      Final exam (40 marks)

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