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King Saud University

College of Business Administration

Management Department

Lecturer : Ghada Al Angari



Study Plan for Course PA 211 (Administrative Organization)


Course objective:


This course aims at providing the student with the main concepts and knowledge of Administrative Organization and some applications in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  


To achieve the above objectives, the following subjects will be studied and discussed:

1- Administrative Organization : Theory    Organization idea development

-               Traditional theories

Bureaucracy theory            Academic Theory                                Division Theory


2- Administrative Organization : Concepts and basics  

-               Influence of Organziation on individuals

-               Concept of Organization

-               Organization trends

  Classic trend            Developmental trend               Environmental trend

-               Modern concepts of contemporary administrative thought

-               Importance                Benefits                Basics and principles


3- Administrative Organization in Saudi Arabia

-               Environmental factors affecting administration & organization in KSA

-               Development of administration and organization in KSA

-               Sources of power governingin KSA

-               Executive bodies

-               Rise of public organizations and development in KSA

-               Public projects

-               Change to the private sector

-               Methods and forms of change to private sector

-               Saudi experience in privatization

-               Local organization

-               Admin divisions of the Kingdom

-               Internal organization of local bodies



-                      Lectures

-                      Khashukgi, Hani Yousif (1422H), Administrative Organization in KSA: Concepts, basics and applications, Ver, 2 , Riyadh, Dar Alkheriji publishing

-                      Recent articles to be distributed on time




Student is estimated in this course as follows:

-                      1st Semester exam (25 marks)

-                      2nd Semester exam  (25marks)

-                      homework and participation (10 marks)

-                      Final exam (40 marks)


The course professor requires the students to attend and participate as the student will not be able to enter the final exam if her absence is over 25% according to the university regulations.


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