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King Saud University

College of Business Administration

Management Department     

Lecturer : Ghada Al Angari


 Study Plan for Course PA 101 (Principles of Public Administration)


Course objective:

     This course (Principles of Public Administration) aims at introducing the student to the concepts, basics and functions of public administration, as well as identifying the entries through which the administration science passed, the development stages, reflections on human resources that represent the basis for administration – whether for conduct or occupational performance level. This course also aims at building the main base of knowledge of the student specialing in public administration through the understanding of the contents for this course that represent the main entrance for specialization in public administration.


Course contents:

To achieve the above objectives, the following subjects will be studied and discussed:

1- Introduction through which the following will be identified:

-                      Definition, importance, nature of public admin. & relation with other sciences

-                      Development stages of Public Administration

-                      Introduction for study of Public Administration


2- Intellectual framework of Public Administration:

-     Administration thought in Islam

-     Administration schools and theories

*          Conventional classic school

*          Human relations school

*          Behavioral school

*          Decision making school

*          Regulations school

*          Z theory

*          Total quality management


3- Basic functions of Administration process:

Planning                                         Organization

Budgeting+finance                           Human resources

Control                                          Administration leadership

Decision making                              Administration communications


4- E-Government:


1-  Lectures

2-  Dr. Saud Nemer et al, Public Admin, Basics & Functions, Riyadh, Farazdaq publishing 2004



Student evaluated this course as follows:

-                      1st Semester exam (20 marks)

-                      2nd Semester exam  (20 marks)

-                      3rd Semester exam (20 marks)

      -           Final exam (40 marks)

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