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FSN 372: Nutritional Assessment 

Text (Recommend): Lee and Nieman. Nutritional  Assessment. Boston: McGraw Hill, 2007.

Course Description: This course examine the use of anthropometric,

biochemical, clinical, dietary and related tools for the assessment of the

nutritional status of populations and individuals. 

Tentative Schedule of Lecture and Topics :

 Lab 1:Lab outline,  Introduction to nutrition assessment

 Lab 2: Dietary assessment: Collecting Dietary Data.pdf

Lab 3: Dietary Assessment : DRI

Lab 4: Dietary Assessment : Evaluating Dietary Data.pdf

Lab 5: Anthropometric Assessment.pdf

Lab 6: Anthropometric Assessment (cont.).pdf

 Lab 7: EXAM 1 covering lectures 7 to 11 inclusively

Lab 8: Energy Assessment

 Lab 9: Biochemical Assessment

 Lab 10: Biochemical Assessment

 Lab 11: Biochemical Assessment

 Lab 12: Clinical Assessment

Lab 13: EXAM 2 covering lectures 8 to 12 inclusively


 Lab Assignments :

Assignments 2 :  Dietary assessment Assignments.docx

Assignments 3 : Body composition assessment Assignments.docx

 Assignments 4 : Laboratory assessment Assignments.docx





Lab Assignments             (15%)




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