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Curriculum Vital 


-Personal Data- 

Name                  : Ahmad Ameen Mousa Juma'ah . 

Education          : Master in the field of organic chemistry (1989) .

Nationality        : Jordanian .

Birth Day           : 1960 . 

Marital Status   : Married . 

Languages         : Arabic and English .


-Contact Information- 

P.O Box 2454

Riyadh 11451

Saudi Arabia .

E-mail: .


-Work Experience- 

1- Lecturer in King Saud University , Community College, Al-Majmaa  from 10 \9 \1425  until now .  

2- Scientific Researcher in King Saud University , Dept. of chemistry (3 days in week) from  20 \3 \1410  -   17 \5 \1425 . 

3- Demonstration in King Saud University College of Science Dept. of chemistry(2days in week)from20\3\1410-17\5\1425

4- In Saudi General and Technical Services Company Limited , Riyadh (Chemical Marketing) from   23 \2 \1406  –  8 \9 \1408 

5- Supervisor on student affiers in Community College, Al-Majmaah from 1428 .


-Academic Qualifications-

-   M.Sc. - 1989 

    In Organic Chemistry (Natural Products)

    king Saud university college of science, Riyadh .

    Title of M.Sc. Thesis:

    "Terpenoids of some Compositae (Asterace) Plants from Saudi Arabia" 

  -  B.Sc. - 1984

    Chemistry Science .

     king Saud university college of science, Riyadh . 

- Secondary school . - 1979 

    Saudi Arabia

    khamis mushet secondary school .


-Professional Memberships-  

1- Member of the Saudi Chemical Society since 1993 .

2- Supervision of Student Affairs College community Al-Majmaa 2007 .

3- Overseeing the exhibition of scientific phenomena Accord place in the lobby of the Faculty of Sciences in Riyadh for several years .

4- Assisting in the supervision of graduate students at the stage of Bachelor .

5- Perpetuate a lecture titled (Hell Drug) the occasion of the 50 anniversary of King Saud University in Riyadh .

6- Participation in the activities of the workshop entitled techniques medical faculties society (and indeed prospects) built Faculty community in Al-Majmaa 2005 .

7- Certificate of attendance and participation in the program entitled evening types of drugs and dangerous .

8- Certificate in advanced courses in the Computer .


Scientific and Professional Membership:
Type of Membership

Date of Enrollment

Type of contribution  

Member of Saudi Chemical Society 

Since its inception in1988


Periodic publication of several articles of the General 

Vice-Chairman of the tests the College community Palmjmap

from2005 - until now


Work schedules, and final examinations controls the distribution of faculty members and reservists


Member of the faculty academic committee schedules

from2005 - until now


Tworking schedules of the Faculty of the school community in all disciplines



Vice-Chairman of the Committee to survey the views of students of the Faculty of the combined process of teaching



Supervision and distribution of the questionnaires and sent to the University 


Member of the Cultural Committee of the College community Palmjmap


 m2006- so far 

Lectures within and outside the college. 



Faculty member of the Social Committee



Lectures at the faculty 


-University and Committee Services- 

 Co-Supervision of Seven M.Sc. Thesis  (7 Finished) :- 

1- M.Sc. Thesis of Mohammed M. Al-Jaradah, Chemistry Department, College of Science, King Saud University, entitled "Synthesis of Quinoline Compounds and their Analogs Containing (N=P) and Study of  their X-Ray Diffraction", 2002. 

2- M.Sc. Thesis of Abdullah S. Al-Bogami, Chemistry Department, College of Science, King Saud University, entitled "Reaction of Aromatic Hydrazones with Bis(trichloromethyl)                             carbonate", 2002. 

3- M.Sc. Thesis of Fahad S.Al-Dhalaan, Chemistry Department, College of Science, King Saud University, entitled "Study of Chemical Constituents of Agar wood and Agar wood Oil", 2003. 

4- M.Sc. Thesis of Lammya H. Al-Wehaiby, Chemistry Department, Girls College of Education, Riyadh, entitled "Phytochemical Study of Some Seasonal Flowering Plants in Riyadh Region", 2004. 

5- M.Sc. Thesis of Mohammed H.Qasisi, Chemistry Department, College of Science, King Saud University, entitled "Synthesis of Heterocyclic Compounds Using Aza-Wittig Reaction". 

6- M.Sc. Thesis of Ali H. Al-Qahtani, Chemistry Department, College of Science, King Saud University, entitled "Use of Schiff Bases in Synthesis of Benzoxazine and Quinazoline Derivatives". 

7- M.Sc. Thesis of Motlag S. Al-Otaibi, Chemistry Department, College of Science, King Saud University, entitled "Evaluation of the Effect of Some Natural Substances on the Corrosion of Metals".  


1- Presenting a paper entitled "Condensation Products of 2-acetyl -3-aminothiophene with Acid Anhydrides" in the 7th  Ibn Sina International Conference on Pure and Applied Heterocyclic Chemistry,                               Alexandria, Egypt, 25 - 28\ 3\ 2000 (19-22\12\ 1420) . 

2- Presenting a paper entitled "Synthesis of Efavirenz Analogs" in the 1st Saudi Science Conference, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, 9 - 11\ 4\ 2001 (15 - 17\ 1\ 1421) . 

3- Presenting a paper entitled "Synthesis of 4,4- disubstituted Benzoxazines and 4,4- disubstituted Naphthoxazine derivatives in the 3rd Jordanian International Conference of Chemistry,                             Irbid, Jordan, 22 - 26\ 4\ 2002 (9 - 13\ 2\ 1423) . 

4- Presenting a paper entitled "Triphosgene in the Synthesis of Heterocyclic Compounds in the 2nd  Saudi Science Conference,                                                                         Jeddah, Saudi Arabia,15 -17\ 3\ 2004 (24 - 26\ 2\ 1425) .


Research Work : 

Papers Published in Academic , Specialized and refereed Journal : 

List of Publications : 

1- Ahmad A.Musa  and Hassan M.G.Al-Hazimi , (1990) . Studies on Saudi Composites : Chemical Constituents of Ethinops spinosissimus and Sonchus oleraceus .

J.King Saud Univ.Vol.2. Science(2),Pp.159-166 

2- Ahmad A.Musa and H.M.G.Al-Hazimi,  (1990) . A Novel Disaccharide from Sonchus Oleracew.Orient. J.Chem. Vol.6, No.3 

3- H.Z.Alkhathlan, M.M.Al-Zoman, R.M.Basha, Ahmad A.Musa  and H.M.G.Al-Hazimi .Essential Oils of some Saudi Pulicaria and Artemisia Species, (1991) Oriental. J.Chem. ,7, 204 . 

4- H.Z.Alkhathlan, Ahmad A.Musa  and H.M.G.Al-Hazimi . Sesquiterpene Lactones from Artemisia Species, (1992) Jour.Chem. Soc. Pak . Vol.14, No.2 

5- M.A.Al-Saad and A.A.Mousa Juma'ah,  (2000). Triphosgene in Heterocyclic Chemistry, Novel synthesis of pyrazolo (2, 3-c) Quinazoline from 2-Acetamido Acetophe none Hydrazone . Asian Journal of chemistry . Vol.12, No.3, 655 – 658 . 

6- Hamad Z.Alkhathlan , M.A.Al-Saad , H.M.Al-Hazimi ,K.A.Al-Farhan and Ahmad A.Musa,  (2000). Synthesis and X-ray Crystal Structures of  Novel Spiro 1,3- Benzoxazine Dimers . J.Chem. Res. (s) 2002, 473, (M) 1023 . 

7- Hamad Z.Alkhathlan , M.A.Al-Saad , H.M.Al-Hazimi ,K.A.Al-Farhan and Ahmad A.Musa,  (2002). Quinazoline, Pyrazolo (1,5-c) quinazoline and Spiro Quinazoline Dimers from the reaction of  2-Aminoacetophenone Hydrazines with Triphosgane. J.Chem. Res.(s), 587, (M) 1201 .

8- H.Z.Alkhathlan , M.A.Al-Jaradah , K.A.Al-farhan and  Ahmad A.Musa. (2004) . Synthesis, Spectroscopic Studies and X-Ray Crystal Structure of N-Hetery Liminophosphoranes Phosphorus, sulfur and silicon , Vol. 179 , 373 – 388 . 

9- H.Z.Alkhathlan , H.M.Al-Hazimi , F.S.Al-Dhalaan and Ahmad A.Musa.

Three-2-(2-phenylethyl) Chromones and Two Terpener from Agar wood  Natural Product Research (Accepted) .

10- S.A.Al-Mazroa, L.H.Al-Wahaibi, A.A.Mousa and H.Z.Alkhathlan. Essential Oils of A.Facforovskyi, K.Lineeris, C.Arvensis, P.Cyanocarpa , L.Nucica ulis and R.Epapposum.  J.Saudi chem. Soc,2005,9,693.

11- S.A.Al-Mazroa, L.H.Al-Wahaibi, A.A.Mousa and H.Z.Alkhathlan . Essential Oils and Chemicals Constituents of T.Auriculatum Grown in Saudi Arabia. Natural Product Research ,2007,under Publication.

12- H.Z.Alkhathlan, A.S.Al-bogami, A.M.Al-Majid, M.A.Al-Saad and A.A.Mousa. Effect of Molar Ratio of Triphosgene on the Cyclization of Hydrazones of 2-Acetyl-1-naphthol and 1-acetyl 2-naphthol.  J. Chem. Res 2007, under publication .


Literary essays:

1- Article in the periodic bulletin issued by the Saudi Chemical Society entitled (Medication Medicinal Plants between Reality and Fantasy). No. VI-April 1998 . 

2- Article in the periodic bulletin issued by the Saudi Chemical Society entitled (Organic Chemical Industry and its Relationship with Medical Drugs). August 1998 .

3- Article in the periodic bulletin issued by the Saudi Chemical Saudi entitled (Olives, Structure and Benefits). September 2004 .   


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