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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة


                          Teaching Experience

 1)  Helwan University:

a)  Faculty of Science; b)  Faculty of Computer and Information Science; c)  Faculty of Biomedical Engineering; d)  Faculty of Pharmacy; e)  Faculty of Education.


     - Electricity; Magnetism; Properties of Matter; Heat; Sound and Waves: 

First year students

 - Electromagnetism; Mathematical Physics:   

Second year students

- Biophysics; Medical Physics;  Physiological Biophysics; Radiation Physics:

1) First year students 

2) Biomedical engineering

3) Third year physics

4) Third year physics and chemistry

5) Fourth year microbiology

6) Pre-master biochemistry

7) Pre-master microbiology  

2)  King Saud University:

    College of Science:


    - Phy 101; Phy 102; Phy 103; Phy 104; Phy 209; Phy 353; Phy 498; Phy 600.



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