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   Dr. Mohamed Anwar Abdelhalim


Biomedical Physics


Field of Specialization and Research Interests:


Biophysics; Medical Physics; Biomedical Physics; Physiological Biophysics; Pathological Biophysics; Pharmacological Biophysics; Microcirculation; Biorheology; Radiation Physics; Dosimetry; Nanotechnology; Health Physics.


1) Medical Physics:

a) Nuclear Medicine: The diagnosis using radioisotopes.

b) Health Physics: The study of radiation hazards and radiation protection.


2) Transport Phenomena in the Living Material.


3) Microcirculatory Physiology


4) Biorheology


5) Pathology of Human Diseases (Atherosclerosis; Thrombus; Hypertension and Hypotension; Diabetes; Cancer)


6) Pharmacological Effects of Drugs


7) Physiological Biophysics


8) Applications of Nanotechnology in Medicine.


9) Vascular Wall Biomechanics


10) Trace Elements


11) Biomechanics

12) Applications of Nanotechnology in Diagnosis and Treatment of Human Diseases (Cancer; Thrombus; Atherosclerosis; Hypertension; Endothelial Cell Dysfunction).

13) Dosimetry

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