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Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Mohamed Anwar Abdelhalim


Name : Dr/ Mohamed Anwar Kassem Abdelhalim

                                                   (Biomedical Physics)

Position:  Associate Professor                    

Department: Physics and Astronomy - King Saud University -

Saudi Arabia.

Telephone: 00966014676451             



Citizenship : Egyptian

Place of Birth: Egypt-Cairo.

Marital Status: Married

Highest degree earned:  

   Doctor of Philosophy in Medical Science (Major: Physiology)

          from Japan  equivalent to Biomedical Physics in Egypt.

                      Date: 25/3/1994       From : Japan

Title Ph.D. Thesis:

“Effects of Cholesterol Feeding Periods on Aortic Mechanical

Properties of  Rabbits Fed a High Cholesterol Diet”.

 Field of specialization and research interests:  

  Medical Physics;  Biomedical Physics; Physiological Biophysics:

1) The main area of medical physics is:

a) The treatment of cancer by ionizing radiation (radiation oncology).

b) Diagnostic imaging with X-rays, ultrasound and nuclear magnetic resonance (diagnostic radiology).

c) The diagnosis using radioisotopes (nuclear medicine).

d) The study of radiation hazards and radiation protection (health physics).

2) Transport phenomena in living material.

3) Microcirculatory physiology.

4) Biorheology.

5) Pathology of human diseases.

6) Pharmacological effects of drugs.

7) Physiological biophysics:

a) Functional organization and control systems of the human body.

b)  Resting and action membrane potentials.

d) Osmotic and driving pressure during the development of serious clinical diseases.









Ain Shams University

Faculty of Science

Department of Physics


B.Sc. Physics





(very good)


Ain Shams University

Faculty of Science

Department of Physics


M.Sc., Physics






University of Tsukuba, Medical Science, Lab. of Biomedical Engineering

Training Course in University of Tsukuba, Medical Science, Japan


1988 / 1990





Tsukaba University, Japan






Medical Science

Major: Physiology

equivalent to Biomedical Physics

Academic Honors, Grants and Awards (Dates – Grantor):


1) Japanese Government (Monbusho) Scholarship, Tsukuba University, Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, Tokyo, Japan.

                                         from  15 / 10 / 1998  to  25 /3 / 1994.


2) European Journal of Radiology and European Journal of Radiology Extra. Editor's Recognition Award 2005 for reviewing is presented to Dr. Mohamed Anwar Abdelhalim. "In recognition of outstanding service as a reviewer of scientific manuscripts submitted for publication in European Journal of Radiology and European Journal of Radiology Extra".

Editor's Recognition Award 2005


Professional Experience:

1) Demonstrator in Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Helwan University, Egypt. 

                  From April 21, 1983 to April 4, 1987.

2) Assistant lecturer in Faculty of Science, Helwan University, Egypt.

From April 4, 1987 to October 5, 1988.                                                                                

 3) Research student in Medical Science, University of Tsukuba, Japan.                                                     

    From October 1, 1988 to March 30, 1990.

4) Ph.D. in Biomedical Physics, Tsukuba University, Japan.                                  

From April 1, 1990 to March 25, 1994.

5) Assistant Professor in Faculty of Science, Department of Physics, Helwan   University.

                     From April 15, 1994 to September 9, 2004.

6) Assistant Professor in Department of Physics and Astronomy, College

 of Science, King Sauid University.

                     From September 10, 2004  till now.

7) Associate Professor in Department of Physics and Astronomy, College

of Science, King Saud University.

                    From November 9, 2008 till Now


Teaching Experience:

1)  Helwan University:

a)   Faculty of Science

b)   Faculty of Computer and Information Science

c)   Faculty of Biomedical Engineering

d)   Faculty of Pharmacy

e)   Faculty of Education.


- Electricity, magnetism, properties of matter, heat, sound and waves:                              

  First year students

  -Electromagnetism and mathematical physics:   

Second year students

- Biophysics, medical physics, physiological biophysics and radiation Physics:

-   First Year Biomedical Engineering; Third Year Physics

-   Third Year physics and Chemistry; Fourth Year Microbiology

-   Pre-Master Biochemistry; Pre-Master Microbiology Students


2)   King Saud University:

    College of Science:


    - Phy 101; Phy 102; Phy 103; Phy 104; Phy 209; Phy 353; Phy 498; Phy 600.


Text Books used in Teaching:

1) Ordinary Level Physics (A.F.Abbott).

2) Physics for Scientists and Engineering with Modern Physics (Serway text book).

3) Explaining Physics (Stephen Pople).

4) Radiation Biophysics (Edward L. Alpen).

5) Biophysics Concepts and Mechansims (E.J.Casey).

6) Foundation of Biophysics (A.L.Stanford, JR).

7) Medical Physics (John R.Cameron).

8) The Physics of Radiology (Harold E. Johns OC).

9) Intermediate Physics for Medicine and Biology (Russel K.Hobbie).

10) Mathematical Physics.

11) Biostatical Analysis.

12) Physiology (Gytoon).

13) Modern Physics (Blatt).

14) Introduction in Biophysics (Mohammed Suliman Al-Ayed).


Researh Work Supervision:

1) Study the Effect of Gamma Camera Physical Parameters on Single Photon Emission Tomography (SPECT) and image Quality for Myocardial Perfusion Study. Faculty of Science, Department of Physics, Helwan University, Egypt.

2) Metabolism of Nuclides for Workers Safety from Bioassay Sampling to Dose Distribution. Faculty of Science, Department of Physics, Helwan University, Egypt.

3) Assessment of Patient Doses Levels during X-rays Diagnostic Imaging using TLD Dosimeters and Comparison with International Levels. College of Science, Department of Physics and Astronomy, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia.



1)  10 conferences in Japan.

2)  5 conferences in Egypt.



    Please, Look at Publications



Reviewer In these Journals:

1) European Journal of Radiology

2) Microvascular Research Journal

   3) Archives of Biophysics and Biochemistry



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