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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة



-   Alabed S., “Developing and application a new method for noninvasive cardiac-output-assessment using field theory in elliptical coordinates” PhD. Dissertation, TU-Ilmenau, Germany 1998


Entwicklung und Validierung neuer Modellansätze zur nichtinvasiven Cardiac-Output-Schätzung/ Mohamad Souheil Al-Abed. - 1998


-   Alabed  S., "Application of back-projection in impedance tomography" MSc. Dissertation, TU-Ilmenau, Germany 1993.


-   Alabed  S. “Design a broadband microwave detector and amplifier”, BSc project, Damascus university, 1980.


-   Workshop on “active learning and teaching big classes” KSU-deanship of developing skills on 27/4/2008. 


-   First international conference on “clinical and biomedical engineering in Arab countries” between 12-14/1/2008.


-   Workshop on “Accreditation and quality assurance” organized by administration for Development and Follow up - between 21-23/11/2007

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