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M-204 : Differential Equations


Required Text book  : Differential Equations  

 with boundary value problem by Dennis G. Zill

  and Michael R Cullen (Sixth Edition).


 Additional references

1. Fundamentals of Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems (Fourth Edition)

2. Lecture Notes on Differential Equations by Khawaja Zafar Elahi

Prerequisites : M-106


 Contents :

Chapter 1:    Introduction to Differential Equations.

1.1.          Definitions and Terminology

1.2.          Initial-Value Problem

1.3.          Differential Equations as Mathematical Model

Chapter 2:    First-order Differential Equation

2.1.          Separable Variables

2.2.          Homogeneous equations

2.3.          Exact Equations

2.4.          Linear Equations

2.5.          Solutions by Substitutions

2.6.          Bernoulli  Equation

Chapter 3:    Linear Model

3.1.          Growth and decay

3.2.          Newton’s Law of Cooloing


Chapter 4:    Higher Order Differential Equation

4.1.          Existence-Uniqueness theorem

4.2.          Homogeneous Linear Equations

4.3.          Undetermined Coefficients Method

4.4.          Superposition Principle

4.5.          Variation of parameters

4.6.          Cauchy-Euler Equations


Chapter 5:    Series Solutions of linear Equations


Chapter 6:    Orthogonal Functions and Fourier Series

6.1.          Fourier Cosine and Sine series

6.2.          Complex fourier Series

6.3.          Fourier Integral


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