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Published researches:                                                                                                                   

1-Maha M Deif, Aida A Korish, , Howaida A Nounou. Role of H2 receptors in the regulation of vascular endothelial growth factor level in expremintal peptic ulcer rats. Bulletin of Alexanderia faculty of medicine, 2007;43 (1): 169-174.

2-Azza hassan , Howaida Nounou.  Measurement of adiponectin and resistin levels in elderly type-2 diabetic pateints. The Alexanderia medical journal , 2004; 46 (4): 1096-1121.

3-Maha M. Deif and Howaida A. Nounou. The possible role of calcitonin gene-related peptide in estradiol cardioprotection in cases of isoproterenol-induced myocardial ischemia in rats. Bulletin of Alexandria faculty of medicine.2008; 44 (2) : 475-481

4-Ghoneim M, Howaida A. Nounou , Deif M& Baraka A. The possible renoprotective effect of some drugs inducing heat shock proteins in renal ischemic reperfusion injury in rats. Bulletin of Alexandria faculty of medicine.2008; 44 (2) :495-504. 

5-Manal El Sorady , Howaida A. Nounou , Shaden Muawia. Matrix metallprotinase-9 , tissue inhibitor of metallprotinase-1 , and trasforming growth factor-B in chronic myloid leukaemia. Clinical and prognostic significance.
Journal of medical research institute, 2004; 25 (1): 94-106.

6-Amal Ghanem , Aymen Sakr , Yasser ammar , Howaida A. Nounou. T2 relaxation time of thepituitary gland in pateints with Beta-thalassemia and its relation to iron overload and somatic and sexual development.Bulletin of high institute of public health , 2004; 34 (4): 727-746.

7-Howaida A. Nounou , Azza Hassen. Some biochemical risk factors of deep vein thrombosis in type -2 diabetes mellitus. The new egyptian journal of medicine , 2006; 35 (6): 53-61.

8-Seham M El Nakeeb , Mohamed A Mahmoud , Howaida A. Nounou Plasma Ghrelin ,Leptin and Lipid Profile pre and postoperative abdominal subcutaneous lipectomy and liposuction in females with and without diet control.The scientific journal of Al- Azhar medical faculty (girls), 2003; 24(3): 1447-1460.

9-Howaida A. Nounou , Azza Hassan , Hanan K Abdel Aziz. Activin A and follistatin in chronic heart failure. Bulletin of Egyptian society for physiological sciences, 2007; 27 (1): 109-118.

10-Amal A Mashali , Howaida A. Nounou , Gihan M Sharara , Manal H Abdel Aziz. Role of oxidative stress and opoptosis in acute organophosphorus intoxicated pateints. Journal of medical research institute , 2005; 26 (3): 255-263

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