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Course symbol & number      : BCH 474

Course title                         : Biomembranes

Credit hours                       : 2(2+0)

Prerequisite                       : BCH 221

Description of the course    :

      General structural properties of biomembranes. Functions of  membrane lipids , proteins and carbohydrates. Fluid mosaic model of Singer and Nicolson. Passive and active transport of different substances across biomembranes. Chemistry , composition and functions of some biomembranes like erythrocyte membrane. Mechanism of action of sodium-potassium pump. Transport systems of intestinal epithelial cell , renal tubular cells ,mitochondrial membranes and sarcoplasmic reticulum.Structure of rod and cone cells in the retina. Types of nerve cells. Hormone receptors in biomembranes. Membrane of tumour cells. Biosynthesis and assembly of biomembranes. Disorders of membranes. Fractionation of membranes.                                 


 Exam 1


 Exam 2 20%

Final exam

 Total  100%



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