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Course Symbol & NumberBCH 350

Course Title:                       Biochemistry of plants

Credite Hours:                    2(2+0)

Prerequisite:                       BCH 347

Description of the Course : 

 Structure of plant cell

  The plant cell wall:

      it's biochemical composition and formation.


      light phase, cyclic and noncyclic photophosphorylation.

      Dark phase, C3,  C4 and CAM pathways.

 Exam 1 25%
 Exam 2 25%
 Final Exam 50%
 Total 100%

 Respiration in plants  [Compatibility Mode].pdf

 biosynthesis of CHO  [Compatibility Mode].pdf

 Integration of carbohydrate metabolism in plants [Compatibility Mode].pdf

 N fixation fixation  [Compatibility Mode].pdf 

  Cyanogenic Glycosidic [Compatibility Mode].pdf

Seed proteins  [Compatibility Mode].pdf

  Chlorophyll Synthesis [Compatibility Mode].pdf



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